What Services Does NYC Resume Offer By Phone and Via Skype?

All services are available either by phone or via Skype including professional resume writing, LinkedIn profiles, cover letters, Skype job interview preparation sessions and professional biographies.

Why Hire a Professional Resume Writer Service When You Can Have A DIY Resume?

The main issue with a resume DIY is that you have never been trained on how applicants are screened today. Years ago, when you wrote your resume, you listed your job duties and someone took the time to read it. Now, technology has taken over the initial screening process. The resume software referred to as ATS scans your resume for very specific information and then it ranks you. Nobody will see your resume if it is not optimized for the system which includes specific content that is strategically placed, key words, skills, formatting and readability.

Keep in mind, you are competing with hundreds if not thousands of applicants. If you do rank well, you must pass the 10 second glance which is the average a Recruiter or Hiring Manager spends scanning your resume. A professional resume can set you apart and truly showcase your worth.

Why Choose NYC Resume, Interview & Online Prep?

Our Client Satisfaction Rate Has Earned Us A PERFECT FIVE STAR OVERALL RATING ON GOOGLE.

Clients are sending their friends and family members to NYC Resume because they love what we do and are seeing the RESULTS they want.

Resume Standouts are essentially just that. We tell your story in a compelling way, a way that gets the attention of decision makers. We take the time to understand you, your accomplishments and what makes you unique as a candidate.

Career development, professional resume writers and Human Resources experts all rolled into one. We HELPED THOUSANDS of professionals across all industries and fields find their path to career success and happiness. We have worked with clients across the globe.

Lead Resume Writer is a former Vice President of Human Resources for a Fortune 200 company. NYC Resume understands the job market, knows what companies are looking for and are experts in the ATS which is how over 80% of companies screen candidates today.

If you have experienced a layoff or other work challenges that have led you to move on, we build your Self-confidence so you are excited and feel prepared for your search.

A client told us she teared up a little and said “Did I Do All This, It’s Perfect” when she received her Resume. She was so happy. That’s what drives us as a company, your happiness, the realization of what you are really worth and your Success.

Competitively priced, we offer exceptional services proven by our PERFECT OVERALL FIVE STAR RATINGS on Google and significant number of CLIENT REFERRALS.

What are Some Examples of Common Resume Mistakes?

There are a number of resume dos and don’ts. You are not trained to create resumes that are optimized for the ATS, specifically format, content and readability which is essential to gaining traction on your search. Resumes are typically lengthy and don’t focus on what hiring managers are looking for i.e. listing all your job duties. Some have grammatical errors which will likely eliminate you immediately.  Overall, most people have difficulty telling a concise, relevant and compelling story. When you do so much, it’s challenging to prioritize.

What is the Process for Resume Writing and LinkedIn Profile development?

We don’t ask you to fill out long, overwhelming questionnaires. We engage in a one on one 60 minute phone hour deep dive and ask all the relevant questions to help you stand out.

Your professional resume writer will guide you on how to prepare for the discussion so we make the most of our time together and target your resume appropriately.

We utilize our own 7 page questionnaire on the call to gather all relevant information on your accomplishments, results, interests, targeted industry and position to provide you with the best possible product.

Turnaround time is within 5 business days.

Need it faster? Rush service available for an additional fee.

We include up to 2 rounds of edits to be completed within 30 days of receiving the draft resume. Final product is a Word and PDF version for you to keep.

You can return to us to update your Resume or LinkedIn profile for new jobs for a charge.

What is the Process for Mock Interview Preparation?

We target and customize the mock interview and interview questions based on your search. We provide a simple format to follow so your responses stay relevant, concise and action oriented.

50 minutes Skype or phone Mock interview session asking you a series of frequently asked interview questions and thought provoking behavioral questions to help you communicate your accomplishments in a concise and relevant way.

We help you answer the most popular and critical question “Tell Me About Yourself” nailing your 30 Second Elevator Pitch. This is critical for your interview and online job fairs. It is common for interviewers to make a decision about you within the first few minutes of the interview.

Provide constructive feedback throughout the session, practice certain key questions and give expertise on how to focus your responses.

Provide expertise on the Salary question which is critical in negotiating salary.

Discuss body language, researching the company and preparing questions for your interview.

What is the Payment Policy?

Payment in full is required in order to schedule an appointment. We accept all credit cards and debit cards through a secure payment process. Services are nonrefundable, we include up to 2 rounds of edits to make whatever changes you feel are appropriate and to ensure you are happy with the content of the resume. 24 hours notice is required to change an appointment although we appreciate as much notice as possible.