7 Tips for Optimizing a Marketing Resume

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If you want your marketing resume to shine, there are a few tips that can help you greatly.  A resume is the first way that you market yourself to an employer. It is a chance to build your brand and land the first interview.

  1. Boost Your Skills

Your skills section is not just a standard part of a resume. Instead of just filling in the blanks, use this section to sharpen your marketing resume. You need to make sure that your skills are applicable to the job you are applying for. If you are unsure about the skills you should include, check the job posting and it will point you in the right direction regarding what they value.

Many companies use screening software to sift through potential applicants. Your marketing resume has to use these keywords to successfully pass through the software programs. You should consider skills that apply to proficiency in the types of jobs you are targeting. If you have skills related to operating systems or coding languages, you should include them. You should also list any of your skills with software platforms or tools like AdWords that can help differentiate you.

  1. Use Statistics

You can tell the hiring manager that you are talented at marketing a product, but nothing speaks louder than the numbers. Look at your previous positions. Do you have statistics that show how you grew the company, boosted email subscribers, followers, or drove traffic to a website? These statistics will back up your experience by showing that you are capable of doing the job. The company wants to hire a professional, and these facts will show them that you are the marketing professional they need.

  1. Make a Cover Letter

Your resume will only include certain details. In a cover letter, you expand on why you are interested in this particular role and how your experience is relevant to it. Keep your cover letter short and to the point.

  1. Get the Right Template

After a few dozen resumes, the hiring manager is starting to get bored. The right resume template can help you stand out from the crowd. Color, fonts or a two-column design can make your resume more appealing.

  1. Simplify Your Education

You do not have to include your coursework, grades or clubs in the education section. The only thing that matters is the degree you received. Most hiring managers will not care about your educational details because they care most about whether you can perform the job well.

  1. Use Links

Links to your work show your past successes. To back up your resume, you can link to things like an online portfolio, thought leadership articles or your LinkedIn profile.

  1. Fix Your Online Image

As a marketing professional, you know how important image is for a brand. When you apply for a job, you are creating your own brand. Anything that appears online is something that an employer can discover. Before you go for your dream job, make sure that your online presence looks professional.

The most important thing to remember is relevance. Does everything in your resume tell the hiring manager why you will be successful at this job and what makes you unique. Take time with preparing your resume, cover letter and your online presence. If you feel like you need a professional, consider a resume writer and career coach to help you land your dream job.