4 Ways to Maximize Your Career Success

4 Ways to Maximize Career Success NYC
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Most of us feel strong work performance should and will be rewarded however that’s not always the case. There are some exceptional performers that do get overlooked. Self-promotion is very important and mastering it is an important factor in career success. Certain managers are extremely adept at creating opportunities for their team members to gain visibility and shine in front of senior management. Some managers may not be as skillful in this regard even though they value their team. So it’s up to you to seek opportunities to increase your visibility in demonstrating your exceptional performance.

Tap Into Resources

Typically, at work, you are not in an island all by yourself. You are surrounded by a number of individuals with a variety of different skills and talents. Make an effort to build relationships across departments not just within your team. You can be of assistance to one another in ways you may not have considered. It also helps you increase your visibility as a team player and someone who makes the effort to help others. Positive press is extremely important in career success. You may find someone who you connect with and can mentor you.


Be your own public relations department of one. It’s important to promote your own success. It can be done in a tactful way so it doesn’t appear as if you are bragging. In the beginning, it may feel awkward to toot your own horn so to speak but it becomes more and more natural after a while. You can mention to someone how pleased you are with how well a project went and how it will help the company. Your supervisor is likely managing a number of different responsibilities and may not always take notice of your successes. Take the time to have regular discussions with him or her providing progress reports and advising him or her of your success.

Show Appreciation

Show appreciation for the talented individuals around you, genuinely praise them for their accomplishments. If you take the time to notice career success of those around you, it will help to motivate them and increase their productivity. It is in your best interest to work for a company that thrives where people are performing at the highest level. If you are managing a team, take the time to show how much you value each of your team members and their individual contributions. Assess what makes them unique and give them opportunities to utilize their skills. Their success will positively reflect on you.

Do What You Love

Seek out career assignments where you will shine. Volunteer to take on high profile projects that are in line with your skills and that you enjoy. If you love doing something, your enthusiasm and abilities will shine through.  When we are passionate about our work, our performance will excel which in turn promotes our level of happiness at work and overall career success.

It is up to you to take responsibility for your career and achieving your goals and objectives.