Achieving new career goals NYC

Achieving New Career Goals in 2023

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Spread the loveIt is important to look at the full picture when establishing new career goals. Since your job is a major part of your life, you want it to balance with your personal life as well. Furthermore, you want to make sure your professional goals align with your life goals. If you wish to travel more, then perhaps you want to negotiate more vacation time. If you want to …

happiness New Year's resolution NYC

My New Year’s Happiness Resolution

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Spread the loveSo, we make New Year’s resolution for weight loss or to cut sugar. Boy is that a tall order. How about a happiness New Year’s resolution? It is something that gets forgotten in the every day life. Dealing with the day to day hustle and bustle of life, we don’t assess how we are doing on the happiness meter so to speak. Happiness New Year’s Resolution One aspect …

Best Career Advice NYC

The Best Career Advice: Four Tips That Work

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Spread the lovePeople want to feel good about what they do. Everyone’s role has a purpose. Working hard and seeing the fruits of your labor can be fulfilling. Here are four tips for the best career advice based on years of guiding thousands of individuals in their career journey and partnering with senior executives. Setting Priorities One organization that I worked for, our former boss came into our organization and …

Reflect on Career Path NYC

Reflecting On Your Career Path

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Spread the loveNow is a time that many people start to reflect on how the year has gone so far. You may reflect on your career path, important life decisions and what you want for next year. A change of colors in the season prompts some to think about considering other changes. It may be taking a different approach at work to get better results. A Moment of Reflection At …