New Years Career Reflection NYC

A Fresh Start For the New Year

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Spread the loveWe generally do a fair amount of reflection as the New Year approaches which may include career reflection. We think about New Year’s resolutions, sometimes develop a different perspective on our lives. Sometimes part of that reflecting is about our career choices. Looking at where we are in achieving our career goals and determining if this is still the right role for us now is a healthy part …

When Should I Apply For A Job Posting NYC

When Should I Apply For A Job Posting

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Spread the loveAn active job search can take a considerable amount of time from your day applying for job posting after job posting. There are so many jobs available and there are limited hours in the day. It makes it challenging to catch each post when they first appear. It becomes your job to find your next exciting opportunity. Taking advantage of the tools available are a great way to …

Health and Wellness for Work Performance NYC

How Wellness Affects Work Performance

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Spread the loveMost of us try to focus on our health and wellness. It does present some challenges. Cooking healthy meals takes time, exercise takes time and sometimes we forget to put ourselves first. There’s always time to devote to work and family but there is a tendency to put ourselves on the back burner. Ironically, focusing on your wellness can actually save you time at work. It can make …

Practicing Mindfulness NYC

Practicing Mindfulness At Work

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Spread the loveWe all want to be happy at work, perhaps practicing mindfulness can help. It is where we spend most of our waking hours. We feel satisfied when we perform well at work and make an impactful contribution. Knowing that your work matters and you are making a difference is very powerful. Although we understand that, we do not always feel confident that we are in fact doing so. …