Wow the Hiring Manager When Interviewing

Wow the Hiring Manager on your Job Interview

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Interviewing can be nerve racking to say the least. It is probably up there in the top 10 least favorite things to do for most of us. You may have read some tips on our blog regarding doing well when interviewing. An important piece of the puzzle besides preparing your responses, is knowing your audience. If you can determine who are the key players you will be meeting with, you …

How To Calm Your Nerves For Interview Preparation

How To Calm Your Nerves Before A Job Interview

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You’ve been spending hours and hours on your job search. You find jobs you feel are perfect for you and you are not getting calls for interview; then finally, the call comes and it’s your dream job. You know you have to knock it out of the part. This job would be perfect for you, it would make you more financially secure and it’s a huge step up.  You start …