Am I Being Paid Fairly NYC

Am I Being Paid Fairly?

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Many individuals feel they may not be paid fairly but have difficulty taking steps to find out. Now more than ever, you can have access to information regarding compensation. When making a comparison it is important to ensure you are comparing apples to apples. If you do not take the time to use relevant and reliable data, you may get frustrated unnecessarily.  The data may indicate you are paid fairly. …

Mistakes to Avoid When You Negotiate Salary NYC

Mistakes to Avoid When You Negotiate Salary

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Salary negotiations is a critical part of the job search process. You want to negotiate salary from a position of strength. There are some common mistakes you should avoid when you negotiate salary for your next job. Making a good salary can give you the freedom to do so many things. It can help you pay off debt, travel more, save for retirement or a rainy day and stop worrying …

Negotiate Your Salary New York City

How to Negotiate Your Salary Offer

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You have finally landed your dream job, but now you have to negotiate your salary offer. Initially, you have to wait until after the employer falls in love with you and offers the job. At this point, many people are afraid that the hiring manager will remove the job offer if you try to negotiate. In reality, this rarely happens. Negotiating the salary can help you achieve a higher pay …