Prepared for Layoffs NYC

How To Prepare for Layoffs

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News about layoffs has become more and more prevalent in recent news. It seems that a major company is announcing major layoffs every week. Some large organizations plan to lay off up to ten percent or more of their workforce. It is alarming.  Certain sectors are hit harder than others. Technology jobs are seeing some dramatic layoffs from industry leaders. However, it is not only the tech giants. Layoffs are …

Tips for Resume Content NYC

4 Tips for Updating Your Resume

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When updating your resume content, there are a number of things that you should focus on. The objective is to optimize it and create the best first impression. It is the most important document for your career. Format The proper format is extremely important for a number of reasons. First of all, it must be formatted for the applicant tracking system. It should also be easy to read or scan …

Preparing for Tough Job Interview Questions New York

Preparing for Tough Job Interview Questions

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You may be one of the few that actually likes to go on job interviews. The likelihood is that you dread the entire process and wish hiring managers would tell you what they want to know with their job interview questions. There are so many things to consider. Anticipating their questions, being concise, focusing on your body language and truly showcasing your accomplishments. No wonder it’s so stressful. Here are …

How Do I Prepare for an Online Job Fair NYC

How Do I Prepare for An Online Job Fair?

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Online job fairs have become increasingly popular. It is an avenue to explore when searching for a job during the pandemic. A virtual job fair typically takes place within online chat rooms, webcasts and teleconferencing. It is for a designated period of time that allows you to explore company job opportunities. Prospective employers have the chance to seek candidates. What is the Best Way to Do Research? Similar to an …