5 Tips for a Career Pivot NYC

5 Tips for Career Changers Looking to Pivot

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From my own personal experience, a career change can be incredibly fulfilling. However, the path to that career pivot presents challenges that you need to overcome. A well thought out plan is essential to navigate through a successful transition in reinventing yourself professionally.  Create a Thoughtful Plan for your Career Pivot  At some point I knew I would transition from my role in Human Resources leadership. I gave a lot …

Top 10 Resume Tips to Land My Dream Job NYC

Top 10 Resume Tips to Make You Stand Out

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So, you made the decision to look for a new job and put your resume out there. No bites yet and you are wondering, what am I doing wrong? Why can’t I land my dream job? I know it can be incredibly frustrating. You find these job opportunities and say I am a perfect fit for this job, but you don’t get a call. Even worse, you get those canned …

Why Artificial Intelligence Doesn't Work for Resume Writing NYC

Why Artificial Intelligence Doesn’t Work for Resume Writing

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Writing a resume certainly has its challenges. For most people it basically falls right up there with having your teeth pulled. It is a grueling experience to say the least. That is why it may be tempting to use artificial intelligence to write your resume. Here’s why AI can hurt your job opportunities and prospects. Generic Resumes Do Not Work For example, you ask ChatGPT to provide you with a …

What Makes a Great Resume, 4 Tips from Professional Resume Writers NYC

A Great Resume, 4 Tips from Professional Resume Writers

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So, the old phrase “throw spaghetti on the wall to see what sticks” does not apply to the makings of a great resume. Unfortunately, that’s how most people are taught to write their resumes. Most companies use software to screen resumes making it that much more difficult to figure out how to optimize your resume.  Great Resume, Prioritize Your Content Similar to a job interview, you want to focus on …