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The Key to Writing a Great Cover Letter

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As you seek out your dream job, you have to write cover letters that really shine. Your professional resume and cover letter are a great way you can set yourself apart from the competition. Unfortunately, most people write a cover letter that reads like a cookie-cutter form letter rather than one that shows who you are as a professional and why you are the ideal candidate. If you want to …

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Best Time of Year to Look for a Job

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It may surprise you to know the best time of year to look for a job is December. This seems counter-intuitive at first because employers are stretching their end-of-year budget and taking time off for the holidays. While this may be true, 95 percent of hiring managers surveyed by Accounting Principals said that job seekers should keep searching for a job at the end of the year. The Competition Is …

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How to Get More Calls for Interviews

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After spending days honing your resume and practicing mock interviews, nothing happens. You are still waiting for calls for interviews. While you think that you did everything right, your extensive experience might not be enough to land an interview. There are a number of common explanations that can prevent you from getting the interview of your dreams. Following Directions Every business has specific expectations. They will detail the procedure for …