Healthy Coping Strategies NYC

Healthy Coping Strategies During Self-Quarantine

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Many of us are experiencing the challenges of self-quarantine with fear of the coronavirus, trying to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Feelings of anxiety, frustration, isolation and a lack of control can be all consuming. This lack of control over what’s going on around us. The new normal is anything but that. It’s important to focus on the things you can control and rely on your support system now …

4 Tips for Managing Stress At Work NYC

4 Tips for Managing Stress At Work

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Some stress is healthy in getting the juices flowing and stimulating brain activity. If your stress level is too high, stress can have a negative affect on your overall health, wellness and focus. Try a few of these tips for managing stress at work. Scheduled Breaks Some professionals become so caught up in their work, they work through lunch and don’t take any breaks to recharge. At some point, it …