How to Find Your Dream Job in 2017

Find your Dream Job
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The retirement age is moving up to age 67, so workers will likely spend more time in the workforce. With up to 50 years of your life spent at a job, it is important to find a career that you enjoy. Right now is the best time to explore your dream job.

Find a Company Where You Can Grow

You might spend many years at the same company, which can quickly lose its shine if you don’t feel you are growing. You need to find a company that allows you to develop professionally. There are some companies that help with getting an education and heavily promote internally. These are the best options if you want to grow as a professional.

Forget the Fear and Find Your Passion

It is easy to be ruled by fear and self-doubt. You have a stable job, and you know that you are capable of being successful in your current career. Unfortunately, this basic survival instinct can get in the way of finding your passion. In addition to being practical, you may want to take calculated risks if you want to reach your dream job.

Build a List of Jobs That Meet Your Criteria

Once you know what you want out of a dream job, you need to search career options and build a list of jobs that suit your criteria. Figure out exactly what you want, and develop a list that tracks all of the information you gathered and rank them.

Prepare Your Resume With the Right Skills

Even the best resume writers may not land the perfect job if they lack the experience. Many dream careers require certain certifications or degrees. If you do not already have these qualifications, you should be flexible. Pursuing your passion is not always a linear progression. Sometimes, you have to take a step backward in order to move forward. In the meantime, work on increasing your qualifications by securing the degree, training or certifications that will help you break into a new career.

Create an Online Presence

More employers are looking online for potential applicants. At many companies, software programs screen potential resumes for the right keywords. In order to land your dream job you need to make sure that your resume and LinkedIn profile include the right keywords. Look at the job description and use some of the words in creating your resume. The right keywords can help your resume go through the first stage of the applicant tracking system.

Once you reach the next stage, you are ready for the interview. Practice doing a mock interview beforehand. While your experience may not directly relate to the position, there are aspects of your work history that do. For example, someone who worked within a non-profit homeless shelter may know how to manage employees and communicate with a diverse array of people. When you apply to work in marketing, use these qualities to show that you are prepared for the new job. With the right preparation, a good resume and persistence, you just may start working in your dream career.