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Women and Self-Promotion

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Why aren’t women promoting their accomplishments as much as they should? Men seem to be more comfortable tooting their own horn so to speak. Self-promotion is essential for women that want to move ahead or be considered for exciting new projects. Gender Differences In Self-Promotion There are studies that show there is a difference in how women and men evaluate themselves. As part of the performance review process, whether it …

Stop Procrastinating, Find Your Dream Job NYC

Stop Procrastinating, Find Your Dream Job

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It’s natural to put things off from time to time and focus more on activities that you enjoy. It’s common to avoid the tasks you may not take pleasure in. Unfortunately, there are several activities we must do that we don’t necessarily feel motivated to move forward with. Procrastinating can sometimes be associated with fear of change. You are in a job that you know is going nowhere, you look …

Find your Dream Job

How to Find Your Dream Job in 2017

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The retirement age is moving up to age 67, so workers will likely spend more time in the workforce. With up to 50 years of your life spent at a job, it is important to find a career that you enjoy. Right now is the best time to explore your dream job. Find a Company Where You Can Grow You might spend many years at the same company, which can …