6 Must-Haves for Your Human Resources Resume

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Currently, there are about 275,000 members enrolled with the Society for Human Resource Management. These people work in unique industries and at different employers. What they share in common is they must understand employee relations, know workplace regulations and strike a balance to protect the employees and company interests. When you seek out your next position, you need a strong human resources resume. If you have the right resume, you can find your next career move with ease.

Focus On the Right HR Keywords

You already know that keywords are important for the electronic and human eyes that read your resume. Without the right keywords, your human resources resume will not seem qualified enough for the position. As you write your resume, make sure to have the keywords that show off your skills as an HR expert. These keywords should have a natural flow.

You should also make sure that you have the right keywords to get your human resources resume through an applicant tracking system. As a human resources professional, you have the benefit of already knowing which keywords will be noticed by the applicant tracking system.

Showcase Your HR Skills

For someone to succeed in human resources, they must be able to connect with people, build trust, have a sense of urgency and strong organizing skills. These qualities are important to include on a resume. You must make sure that your company follows labor laws. Being able to prioritize projects and deadlines is a highly prized skill by employers.

Share Information About Past Companies

Your new employer wants to know how experienced you are. Are you able to manage hundreds of employees or less than a dozen? If you worked at a major corporation, this information is useful to include on your resume. It helps the hiring manager to understand your experience and figure out if you are the right person for the job.

Show Your Knowledge of Employee Relations

For a human resources professional to do their job, they have to consider the corporation’s employees. Their focus is to manage the relationship between employees and the employer. They help to boost the morale of the entire company. The best human resources resumes will show off the applicant’s emotional intelligence and talent for managing employee relations.

Show an Ability to Boost the Company’s Success

While your main job is human resources, you are a part of a team. Your human and industry knowledge contribute to the success of the company. The best resumes show a pattern of continuous learning. These individuals keep up to date on the latest policy changes, HR trends and new laws. Hard and soft skills help you to succeed in human resources.

Be Flexible in Your Human Resources Resume

Technology, laws and business practices are constantly changing. To stay current of new developments, professionals must constantly update their skills. An employer wants professionals who can adapt to changing times and be flexible. If you want your resume to stand out of the crowd, then you have to show a degree of flexibility.

As a human resources expert, you have to show a very broad range of skills. Take a very thoughtful approach to your resume and consider getting feedback from an HR peer or a resume writing expert to see if you are striking the right balance.