Ways to Boost Your Creativity

Ways to Boost Creative Ideas NYC
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Great artists and writers make creativity seem like a natural talent. In reality, creativity is something that you have to learn. You can increase creative ideas with practice. Whether you want to be more creative at work or need to expand your mind, these tips can help you learn how to be an innovator.

Increase Creative Ideas Doing Nothing

When you are always busy, it is hard to find time to think. If you cannot even think, you certainly cannot be creative. Instead of forcing yourself to work on an idea, take some time off. A nap or a few hours of reading might give your mind just enough of a break to recharge. For a more active option, try walking or hiking. Research shows that a walk can boost creativity. The average person sits for 7 to 15 hours of the day. By walking, you get your body and creative ideas moving again.

Read a Book

Most ideas are not made in a vacuum. People learn by reading books, talking to people and studying a topic. Even if you are reading an unrelated topic, it can stimulate a new idea in your mind. Take a class, buy a new book or listen to a podcast. As you learn more, your brain will be able to connect new ideas and increase creative thoughts.


There is a reason why Silicon Valley is a nexus for high-tech firms. While the firms might be creative, it is the collaboration that helps them to succeed. Conversations at the bar or gym create new ideas. When you are around creative people, it fuels your own thinking. Learn from other people, talk to experts and collaborate with your co-workers. If you talk to enough experts, you will be able to easily come up with new ideas.

Find the Mood Right

If you hate loud environments, working at a cafe is a recipe for failure. Some people use music to change their moods. Other people need to sit in nature to feel creative. Figure out what works for you and make sure that you set the mood before you start working.

Try New Things

If you only do the same thing, you will never grow as a person. You have to be willing to try something new and branch out. Whether you try a new ice cream flavor or a new hobby, it can help you to explore different ideas.

Do What You Love

When you hate your job, it is hard to feel inspired. You cannot think of creative ideas because your mind is mired in boredom. To become inspired, try doing the things you love most. When you really love doing something, you lose track of time. You stop caring how long it takes because you love the process.

Ask for Help

If you are stuck on a problem, be open to help. Your peers and friends can help you approach the problem from a new angle. Each person has a unique talent, and this talent can help you find a creative solution. At the very least, their advice may lead you to find a new idea.