3 Jobs to Consider for Career Changers

3 Jobs to Consider for a Career Change
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In today’s job market, a career change is quickly becoming the norm. Some people are forced to make a career change as technology improves. In other cases, you want to start a new career because you are burned out in your industry. Luckily, changing careers is quite common. While some careers can be hard to start, the following careers can be great options.

Start Your Career Change as a Fundraiser

Many companies need a fundraiser to pay their bills. Non-profit companies, schools and hospitals need a fundraiser to help fund their day-to-day operations. If you have the skills to succeed at this job, you can make $65,000 to $75,000 a year. Once you have experience, you have the potential to make a six-figure salary.

The nice thing about this career change is that many jobs use similar skills. A fundraiser has to convince donors to give money, so people in sales, marketing and real estate have transferable skills. You also have to create financial projections, plan events and manage donor accounts. Whether you work in accounting or run a business, you may have skills that translate to this job. If your resume needs a boost, try doing volunteer work raising funds for your child’s school or taking a course.

Become a Social Media Manager

Another one of the best jobs to consider is working as a social media manager. If you love telling stories and building a brand, then this job could be right for you. Over time, social media has become more important for companies and major brands. These companies need someone who can market their product, interact with customers and deliver results. While entry-level jobs start out lower, the best paid social media managers can make six figures or more.

To succeed at this job, you have to have a solid understanding of social media, be proactive and creative. A marketing background can also help. If you lack the right skills, start volunteering to gain experience. Non-profits, charities and small businesses always need volunteers. If you successfully manage a non-profit’s social media for a few months, you can show a new employer that you can do the job.

Start Working as a Financial Planner

This is one job where having a previous career is a good thing. An estimated 88 percent of financial planners worked in a different industry before they started working in finance. In this industry, you can find people with just about any type of degree. Once you have some experience under your belt, you can possibly earn a median wage of about $90,000.

To succeed, you have to learn about the industry. If you sell stocks, bonds or insurance, you will need to take a test to get your license. Once you have your license, there are many options in this field. A number of financial planners are self-employed, so this career switch could be your chance to become your own boss. If you have experience dealing with customers and selling a product, then this could be a good transition for you.

Overall, give some thought to what skills you bring to the table and what truly interests you. Doing some research or working with a career coach to explore options can really open your eyes to several possibilities.