Leading Teams Through Difficult Times

Leading in Times of Uncertainty NYC
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Globally there have been a host of challenges over the last 18 months or so and strong leadership is critical during times of uncertainty. Times have been difficult for employees, leadership, parents, those caring for loved one. We were all thrown with new life challenges and quickly had to do our best to adapt and move forward.

Collaboration Through Times of Uncertainty

During times of uncertainly, we rely more on those around us for support and comradery. Whether it is in person or virtually, reaching to colleagues and leadership for support can be incredibly beneficial. Brainstorming ways to address issues, understanding that you are not alone are all parts of a healthy approach to facing challenges. Leadership should encourage and foster that sense of collaboration.

Collaboration is a key to success for organizations at all times. It brings forth innovation, new ideas and growth personally and professionally. Furthermore, it increases a level of engagement and motivation when people know they are part of something. A sense of belonging has long been seen as a crucial factor in staying motivated. At times of uncertainty and crisis, pulling together as a team can make all the difference in the world.

Feel Connected Through Technology

Technology has made it easier and more convenient to stay connected even when you are not in the same space geographically. People can see one another and still feel connected. Most of us cannot even imagine a time when we did not have this level of technology, we have become so reliant on. More and more companies are promoting a hybrid arrangement where people go to their place of work part time and work from home part time. Based on the nature of the work, it may not always be possible. When it is, companies are more open to the idea. Technology is part of the driver that makes this a viable option.

Strength in Numbers

No doubt you have heard the phrase before “there is strength in numbers”. The collective can do remarkable things. Think about our health care workers and their resilience during this pandemic. Think about the small business owners and how people in local communities have helped them to stay afloat. There has been tragedy and during those times, people needed one another. Leaders must find creative ways to foster and encourage this collaboration and ways of achieving it within our new reality.

Leadership had to quickly adapt. It is a responsibility of leaders to guide their teams, ensure they have the support they need and feel very much part of the team. Stories of hope and perseverance have been shared all across the country and globally. Leadership should understand when carrying this weight on one’s shoulders, there are others you can count on to work through it. Learn from one another, look at best practices and how you can continue to thrive and grow as leaders. Utilize your team and their talents to the fullest extent possible. Be mindful of what your team needs and adapt to the circumstances around you.