Job Burnout What Should I Do Now?

Quit My Job NYC
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At one time or another, most experience some form of job burnout  that makes us think I want to quit my job. Whether it’s the nature of the work, feeling overwhelmed by the volume or a combination of other factors, job burnout can build over time or sneak up on you. Sometimes it takes a colleague close to you or family member to help you realize you are experiencing job burnout.

People Are Telling Me To Quit My Job

Sometimes it’s not very obvious when you are experiencing job burnout. On the other hand, a trusted colleague or family member may notice changes in your behavior or temperament before you do. It may be hard for you to relax or quiet the noise of work when you get home. You may have difficulty enjoying your weekend constantly thinking about but you need to still get done. Sleeping may be hard especially on Sunday dreading the Monday workday ahead.

Should I Quit My Job

Job burnout doesn’t necessarily mean you should quit your job. If you have a habit of taking your work home with you, not taking vacation, then that’s something you will likely continue to do at your next job. Before making the decision to leave, you may want to consider changes that you can make in terms of managing work life balance. Sometimes we have a tendency to get in our own way. Talk to someone who is successful at balancing work and home life and see if they have the secret sauce.

Work Environment

If you have tried to make changes and talk with your boss, but the work keeps piling on to a point that is consistently overwhelming, then think objectively about your situation and options. Sometimes it is just a peak time of year where the pressure is getting to you. At other times, you just know there is no end in sight. If you haven’t spoken to your manager yet, give them an opportunity to help you. It may completely change your perspective. If you have truly tried and decided to make a change, choose your next steps wisely.

What are your options? If you have a long commute and that time could be spent on striking a balance, perhaps you can work remotely part of the time. An hour commute each way, that’s ten hours a week spent going to and from work. If there is an imbalance of the workload, come to your boss with recommendations on the workload. Managers like their team to come to them with solutions.

Time to Move On

So, you’ve weighed your options and tried to strike more of a balance. Perhaps you talked to your boss and still feel overwhelmed. Maybe it’s affecting your home life and you don’t see things improving or a trusted member of your circle has helped you see the light. If it’s time and you say I want to quit my job, then you want to be prepared for your job search. Remove the emotion from the situation and be strategic about your exit plan. We can help with marketing yourself for your next role.