Self-Promotion At Work

Self-Promotion At Work NYC
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Some career professionals are more comfortable than others with self-promotion, speaking about their accomplishments and career success. The challenge is overcoming that hesitation to promote yourself. Many people dislike the job interview process. Let’s face it, it can be nerve racking. Job applicants want to skip to the part where they get the job and can show the company what they are capable of doing. They want to contribute and be productive.

Promote Yourself

You did a great job on the last project and now it’s turned into a new revenue stream for the company. Or perhaps you helped the company move in a new direction they hadn’t considered. Maybe you saved the company money with a more efficient way to operate. There are so many ways you can contribute to the company in a meaningful way. Sometimes all that hard work goes unnoticed. It’s up to you to figure out a strategy to promote yourself. There’s a difference between self-promotion and bragging. In fact, it’s an art form to learn how to promote yourself with self-confidence at work or during a job interview.

First and foremost, do you know someone at work that does it well, someone so smooth at self-promotion that you are in awe? What does this person do? We are all unique individuals, so you want to retain your true self. However, it is helpful to see their approach and figure out what you can learn.

The Key To Self-Promotion

Before you can focus on self-promotion, it is essential to have self-awareness. If you want to showcase your talents, you first have to assess your strengths and accomplishments. Once you have determined what are your strengths, then use them to your benefit. You can start off small. Come to each meeting with 2 – 3 ideas you are prepared to share with the group. Preparation is helpful in overcoming your reluctance. It is a safe way to contribute until you feel more comfortable.

Another way to promote yourself during a meeting is to weave in an accomplishment into an observation. “What I learned while I worked on the new product launch of X can be applied to our current situation…” That’s a way to remind people that you were part of that success and do it in a subtle way that you are more comfortable with sharing.

Take The Opportunity

If a project comes along in line with your strengths, put your name in the hat to lead that project. It may give you a greater level of visibility that gets you noticed. Even if you don’t get selected this time, your name is out there as someone who wants to take the initiative and lead. You will start to feel more confident in self-promotion. As a result, you will likely get noticed more and get on managements’ radar.

Promoting your accomplishments is an important part of career success. You can engage in self-promotion and still be true to who you are. Your confidence level will increase and so will the recognition for your efforts at work.