Target Your Resume NYC

Is Your Resume Hurting Your Job Search

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It can be daunting to look for a new job and target your resume appropriately. The idea of a new career opportunity is exciting. However, the process of a job search is stressful and can affect your confidence level. You know what you have to offer and have a good sense of what you are looking for. Why aren’t you getting the interviews you want. Your resume could very well …

How To Evaluate Your Career NYC

How To Evaluate Your Career

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Do you enjoy going to work? When you evaluate your career, is it something that makes you feel satisfied or fulfilled? Is the nature of your work challenging? It is important for people to take stock of how things are going. Rather than constantly going through the motions, take a moment to evaluate your career. So much time is spent at work. It has a tremendous impact on your outlook …

How Emotional Intelligence Matters NYC

How Emotional Intelligence Matters for Career Success

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Emotional Intelligence is a key factor in career success. There are resources available to measure and improve upon your level of emotional intelligence. Important Elements of Emotional Intelligence Although there are a broad range of competencies utilized to assess emotional intelligence, we will go through a few now. Self-awareness is absolutely essential to career success. Being able to look at yourself honestly and determine what are your strengths and what …

4 Reasons to Hire A Professional Resume Writer How Candidates are screened

Wellness for Career Success

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It makes sense that we perform at our best when we take care of ourselves and practice good habits. If we get a good nights’ rest, then we will be refreshed and more productive. Taking time to recharge our batteries will help with creativity and focus. Having work life balance is an important part of our own personal and professional wellness strategy. So, if we know all these things, why …