Leading in Times of Uncertainty NYC

Leading Teams Through Difficult Times

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Globally there have been a host of challenges over the last 18 months or so and strong leadership is critical during times of uncertainty. Times have been difficult for employees, leadership, parents, those caring for loved one. We were all thrown with new life challenges and quickly had to do our best to adapt and move forward. Collaboration Through Times of Uncertainty During times of uncertainly, we rely more on …

Behavioral Job Interview NYC

Nailing A Difficult Behavioral Job Interview

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It is tough preparing for a behavioral job interview. You are so excited when you get the call but then all that goes away and it’s replaced with the anxiety to perform well. It’s natural to feel nervous about the whole process. Who knows better than you what you have accomplished? Even so, it doesn’t typically alleviate your concerns. What Are Behavioral Job Interview Questions So, what are behavioral interview …

Unhappy At Work NYC

Unhappy At Your New Job

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We try our best when going through the job search process. We diligently research the company and ask thoughtful questions during the interview process. During the interview, we get an impression of each of the interviewers, if we feel we can learn from them or align with their values. There’s a lot that goes into the thought process. Let’s face it, we also take jobs we are not necessarily excited …

Job Interviewing Tips NYC

Job Interviewing Tips that Get Results

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Job Interviewing can be stressful. A strong resume will give you confidence with your job search. The job interview is what clinches the deal so to speak. You need to be on top of your game. As a hiring manager, recruiter and resume writer, I have an understanding of what is critical to nailing an interview. From my interviewing experience, I have seen the common pitfalls of interviewing as well. …