How to Present my Freelance Work Experience to Employers

How to Present my Consulting Freelancer Work Experience NYC
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Are you a freelancer looking to transition away from self employment? When reflecting on your new career path, keep in mind as a freelancer, you bring a number of important skills and abilities to the table. The tricky part is to demonstrate those skills and show how they are transferable to the positions you are interested in. There are a number of positions in the job market that require strong entrepreneurial skills. If you look at trends, freelancer and consulting work experience is more common than it has been in the past. That is certainly an advantage as long as you market yourself appropriately if you want to move back into the corporate world. 

Show Your Diverse Skill Set as Freelancer 

It takes discipline, hard work and perseverance to run your own consulting and freelance business. As a business owner, you generally have a broader skill set because you have in your hands in all aspects of the operations i.e. marketing, accounting, social media, customer service, business development and sales. It gives you the opportunity to have keen insights of all aspects of the business. 

Entrepreneurial Spirit 

There are a number of positions in the corporate environment that are more independent in nature. Positions like sales, real estate, scientists are great examples of roles that require more independence. In these roles, you generally have to seek out and target potential clients, determine ways to pique their interest and eventually close the deal. Working remotely requires a level of discipline that is an important skill set you want to showcase when in the job market. In addition, it takes solid judgement, decision making abilities and a drive that propels you forward. 

Skills Companies are Seeking

Hiring managers gravitate towards candidates that are flexible and have great problem solving abilities. If you can demonstrate that on your resume, it will go a long way. It is essential to carefully review the postings of positions you are applying for to understand what is most relevant.  

The challenge is you are competing with candidates that took a more traditional approach to their career path so you want to make sure they see all the relevant marketable skills are highlighted in your resume. If that proves difficult, a professional resume writer can create a resume that emphasizes those skills. 

Be Prepared for the Interview Process

So, you made the cut and have an interview scheduled, that’s great. Some may still be skeptical because you did not take the traditional career path. Therefore, you want to nail your elevator pitch clearly demonstrating what sets you apart as a candidate. You have a lot going for you as a freelancer. You may want to schedule job interview coaching if you are having difficulties figuring out how to frame your experience. Furthermore, be prepared with a response for why you are returning to the corporate world. Carefully review the skills required for the position within the job posting. That will help you in directing your energy. Even if you are a great communicator, it is still vital that you prepare for the interview process. 

As a freelancer or consultant, you have a strong entrepreneurial background in which you understand the different aspects of the business environment. Be sure to showcase that unique skill set so the hiring manager can clearly see what sets you apart from the competition. Wishing you much success and happiness in your next role!