How Do I Stand Out in a Competitive Job Market

Stand Out in Competitive Job Market NYC
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It is still a good time of year to get out in the job market and look for an opportunity that is right for you. Although generally speaking, August is one of the best months for your job search, September is a good time as well. However, you will notice it is becoming an increasingly difficult job market. Therefore, you must take the necessary steps to stand out in this ultra competitive market. Although during the last couple of years, we saw an increase in the number of people quitting their jobs to seek more suitable jobs and higher salaries, that trend has subsided. People are staying where they are more consistently, therefore there are less openings. 

Do Your Research 

Now is the time to do your research. You want to understand the job market. It is not simply a matter of putting your resume out there. Now is the time for a strong robust resume and targeted search. You want to look at which industries are hiring and what skills they value most. You want to proactively make the most of every opportunity. Furthermore, you want to be productive in your search so you put your efforts toward what will benefit you the most. 

Skills In Demand in this Competitive Market

There has been a significant surge in demand for artificial intelligence abilities and skills that has to be considered. Planning for your future means understanding what skills will be continue to be relevant. Then you want to adapt your skills and development plan accordingly. 

Flexibility is another skill that has become increasing valuable. From a career standpoint, that means going beyond your comfort zone. Looking at growing industries, perhaps establishing yourself at a smaller company. Big name companies can be tempting, but perhaps considering small and medium size companies will help you get your foot in the door quicker. Furthermore, working at smaller companies allows you to broaden your skill set and become a major contributor with more access to leaders within the company. 

Flexibility is also greatly valued by companies. Companies like job market candidates that are willing to go beyond their roles for the good of the company. Wearing many hats is very common in small companies. For some time now, it was a job seekers market but that has been shifting. 

Resumes That Stand Out 

Resumes that stand out is a must in this increasingly competitive job market. Highlighting your unique skills and achievements is of the utmost importance. You may be a great performer however if you do not show that in your resume, you will be overlooked. Professional resume writers have become an even more important investment to help you stand out. Clearly demonstrating your results and what you bring to the table in a targeted way is essential. A methodical search in which you target certain industries and customize your resume accordingly will help you in the long run. The bottom line is there are a higher percentage of job seekers per desirable job than before, in many instances about a third more. Making your resume stand out and understanding what employers are seeking in the ideal candidate is now of vital importance.