Resume Tips for Midlevel Manager NYC

Resume Tips for A Midlevel Manager

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As a midlevel manager, sometimes it’s difficult to create a concise and targeted resume. There are so many things managers do outside of the scope of their role. It makes prioritizing and determining what to focus on a challenge. Prime Real Estate for a Midlevel Manager Based on the way candidates are screened, there is such a thing as prime real estate when it comes to creating a resume. There …

Why Invest in a LinkedIn Makeover NYC

Why Invest in a LinkedIn Makeover?

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An optimized LinkedIn profile goes a long way in your job search. Data shows that over 80% of recruiters use LinkedIn to identify, evaluate and network with potential candidates. That’s a significant number and it continues to increase year over year. There are a number of benefits to a LinkedIn makeover.  It’s critical to have a strong social media presence in order to compete in this competitive job market. Simply …

Secrets to Job Search Success NYC

Secrets to Job Search Success

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When you start looking for a new job, you want to find the perfect job right away. You need more than a basic resume and cover letter to be hired in this changing job market. With a few simple tips, you can enjoy having job search success as you apply to new jobs. LinkedIn In today’s job market, you need more than just a resume to get hired. Many managers …