Resume Tips for A Midlevel Manager

Resume Tips for Midlevel Manager NYC
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As a midlevel manager, sometimes it’s difficult to create a concise and targeted resume. There are so many things managers do outside of the scope of their role. It makes prioritizing and determining what to focus on a challenge.

Prime Real Estate for a Midlevel Manager

Based on the way candidates are screened, there is such a thing as prime real estate when it comes to creating a resume. There are levels of screening you must pass in order to be considered as a candidate. The first part of the screening is technologically driven. You want to rank well within the applicant tracking system. If you do, then a recruiter or hiring manager may quickly scan your resume, normally you get 10 seconds to catch their eye. Ten seconds feels like such little time given all the thought and effort that went into your resume. Well, that is all you typically get, so make it count. A strong career profile will grab their attention. If your current role is in line with what you are targeting, then that’s an essential resume section.

The hiring manager wants to know what you have done recently. If that’s in line with the job posting you are applying for, then you want to make sure you highlight how you met the requirements of the job in quantifiable terms.

Don’t Focus on the Small Stuff

Don’t list every task you ever performed. It detracts from your main skills and negatively affects how you rank within the applicant tracking system. There’s a tendency to list all duties because candidates want to show how much they actually do. It’s more important to emphasize relevant skills and experiences. That’s how candidates are evaluated.

Problem Solving

Mid-level managers should understand the importance of problem solving abilities as a competitive advantage in the job market. Those who can provide solid examples of critical thinking and problem solving will have a leg up over other candidates. It says a lot about who you are and what you will contribute to their organization. Equally important, the hiring managers want to see that you will not need a lot of hand holding. That you are the type of employee that will offer solutions rather than coming to your boss with problems. It is an absolute must for mid-level managers to demonstrate.


Collaboration has become increasingly critical as companies are working more on a cross functional level. Furthermore, now that more employees are working remotely, you have to show creative ways you have engaged your team and collaborated remotely. Some have struggled with how to do this. To give examples of success with this, will help you set yourself apart.

Following these resume tips for a midlevel manager will help you standout amongst your competition. It’s about focusing on what is vital to your target audience. You have to put yourself in their shoes. Focusing on the priorities of your role, demonstrating strong problem solving and collaboration skills are essential to a strong resume. More importantly, take full advantage of the prime real estate for the most compelling parts of your resume.