How To Stand Out At Work and Get Promoted

Recruiters Share Secrets to an Optimized Resume NYC
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Looking to move ahead and get promoted at your company or simply receive recognition for a job well done. Everyone is moving in different directions at work. Sometimes it’s difficult to figure out how to stand out. You are a dedicated professional that makes the extra effort to do well in your role. What now?

Internal Opportunities to Get Promoted

First, you want to be prepared if internal opportunities come along to advance or just move to a different role at the same level. You should be ready to apply at a moment’s notice. Typically, an internal job posting goes up between 10 and 14 days. You want to apply early on rather than getting your application in at the last minute. If you are considering seeking other opportunities, be ready for when something exciting comes along. Always having an updated resume is a must.

Talk With Your Manager

It’s important to put yourself out there to get promoted, if you are committed to being considered for opportunities within your company. Let your manager know you’d like to be considered. Furthemore, ask his or her advice, (s)he can set you on a career path to be prepared for what may come along. Your manager may be able to give insight into what may become available. You want your manager in your corner. That’s essential to moving up. There are always ways you can become more valuable to your manager. Tap into those possibilities. Perhaps there are projects you can take on or something you have take off their plate.


Equally important, take an honest look at your performance. Are you taking initiative? Are you the go to person for new projects and strategic initiatives? If the answer is no, perhaps it’s time to rethink your strategy. You don’t want to wait for your dream job to come and go. The plan is to already be on leadership’s radar as a high potential. In addition, develop a plan of action and stick to it.

Seeking Advise

Reaching out to a mentor or someone who you admire for career advice could be valuable. There’s also the option to seek professional career advice from a career coach. If you’d prefer someone external who’s removed from the company dynamics, that’s a viable option as well. What’s more, an objective third party can offer a new perspective. Besides, considering that person is an expert in career progressions, they may bring things to the table you never thought about. Some companies have formal mentoring programs others are more informal.

Moreover, setting goals and taking steps to achieve them is vital for success. Devise a plan and stick with it. If you know you have more to offer, then seek out those opportunities where you can reach your objectives and gain career fulfillment. Think strategically about how to move ahead. In addition, tap into resources, seek advice from others that you admire and go for it. Lastly, you never know what position is just around the corner. It’s worth the effort to take the appropriate steps.