A Proven Resume Strategy that Works

A Resume Strategy That Works NYC
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A strong resume strategy is essentially vital for getting in front of the right decision makers. If you are unsure of what hiring managers are looking for or your resume is not getting the activity you want, it is time to make a change. 

An optimized resume strategy can help you to get your foot in the door. You may have hundreds or even over a thousand competitors for a desirable job. Given the volume of candidates a recruiter or hiring manager scans your resume (less than ten seconds). If you pass through the resume screening referred to as ATS, applicant tracking system then your resume needs to clearly show the hiring manager what you have to offer in a very short window. You want to make the most of that time. 

Resume Strategy Content

You do the heavy lifting when you write your resume content. It is not up to the hiring manager to sift through a laundry list of duties you perform. It is up to you to highlight your accomplishments and results most relevant to the position so the hiring manager clearly sees the value you bring. That involves a thoughtful and strategic approach to your resume content. Put yourself in the shoes of the hiring manager. What is important to them? If you are starting to feel overwhelmed or know your resume is not working, it is time to consider a professional resume writer.  

Job Postings Are the Key

Carefully read through the job posting or position description. Ask yourself do I meet the most important job requirements? Then ask if it is clear and compelling on your resume. Is your resume content a show stopper? Key content must be obvious and easy to find given you have a very short window to make a great first impression. 

Core Competencies and Skills

You want to give the right impression in terms of your behavioral skills and competencies. Although each role requires a set of specific skills, it is generally important to highlight skills like communication, leadership and building relationships. Strong communication is something hiring managers feel is lacking in a vast majority of candidates. With technology and hybrid roles, face to face interactions are decreasing. You want to demonstrate your strong written and verbal communications skills. An important part of that is your resume, LinkedIn profile and cover letter if you submit one. It should convey your strong writing skills.

Whether you supervise a team or not, you can show leadership. Did you inspire a team of colleagues, did you volunteer to lead a project or have you been identified as a high potential. Think about how you want to reflect this critical skill. 

Take another look at your resume from the hiring managers perspective. Do you need to make a change? Make a plan to do that whether it is on your own or making a worthwhile investment in a strong professional resume writer to optimize your resume content so it is properly targeted. You waste valuable time if you are putting out a resume that does not work. If you are currently unemployed, even more so because every day out of work cost you lost wages. Think about a resume strategy that works and happy searching!