Stand Out in Competitive Job Market NYC

How Do I Stand Out in a Competitive Job Market

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It is still a good time of year to get out in the job market and look for an opportunity that is right for you. Although generally speaking, August is one of the best months for your job search, September is a good time as well. However, you will notice it is becoming an increasingly difficult job market. Therefore, you must take the necessary steps to stand out in this …

When Should I Apply For A Job Posting NYC

When Should I Apply For A Job Posting

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An active job search can take a considerable amount of time from your day applying for job posting after job posting. There are so many jobs available and there are limited hours in the day. It makes it challenging to catch each post when they first appear. It becomes your job to find your next exciting opportunity. Taking advantage of the tools available are a great way to make your …

best time of year to look for a job with resume writers

Best Time of Year to Look for a Job

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It may surprise you to know the best time of year to look for a job is December. This seems counter-intuitive at first because employers are stretching their end-of-year budget and taking time off for the holidays. While this may be true, 95 percent of hiring managers surveyed by Accounting Principals said that job seekers should keep searching for a job at the end of the year. The Competition Is …

Better Job Resume Writer NYC

The Health of the Current Job Market

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The United States job market is continuing its growth efforts. In July, employers in the United States added 209,000 jobs. This is the 82nd straight month of job growth, which sets a new record. In addition, this growth beat economists’ expectations with unemployment at just 4.3 percent. This is the lowest level of unemployment since 2001. There is a fear that the job market is starting to reach full employment. …