Don’t Let Fear Stop You from Reaching your Career Goals

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So, let’s face it, most of us get comfortable with a situation at one point or another in our lives and don’t make a change. Change is hard, change is scary, change takes lots of effort so one might not want to know are you on your way to achieve your career goals. Whether it is in our professional or personal lives, when we decide to keep things status quo sometimes we do ourselves a huge disservice. That does not mean we jump into something without reflecting and making thoughtful decision. It simply means you seriously consider making career decisions that are in your best interest even if they may be difficult. 

Taking That Step to Achieve Your Career Goals

I know plenty of people that have stayed in a job they knew they had outgrown. Whether it was the flexibility they had, a normal fear of change, or some other reason, sometimes we need something to happen in order to make a move. I worked with someone who devoted very long hours to her company not taking vacation or working long hours while on vacation, sacrificing important family occasions. During a change in ownership, she was let go. This forced her to make a move. Now she is in a role with more of a work life balance and where taking a vacation means actually taking a vacation.

I know a couple of other folks, one that was in a corporate role another in healthcare and they became influencers. Through a lot of hard work and effort into honing their craft, they have both really made a name for themselves. Now we cannot all become influencers that get paid for it, but it is not a bad thing to take a good hard look from time to time. 

Taking Stock Of your Career Choices

Sometimes you have to take a little time to evaluate your situation. Is it hard to get out of bed every morning to get ready for work? Do you find yourself losing sleep Sunday night dreading Monday mornings? Are you thinking on how to solve a problem at work or does everything just come to you automatically without a moment’s thought? 

At the height of the pandemic, we heard a lot of people that decided to make a change. It was an event that had a significant impact in how people viewed their lives and assessed their level of happiness. Where people realized life is too short. 

Moments of Reflection 

Once you have time to take stock, assess how to best achieve your career goals and develop a plan of action, then you can consider the timing of your next move. Perhaps you have taken stock and determined you are on the right path to reach your career goals. Or maybe you decided that your career growth has stalled and you need to make a change. 

Whatever conclusion you have drawn, it is always worthwhile to go through the exercise. Taking time to consider where you are at and are you happy with your career choices is essential to growth and happiness. Wishing you fulfillment and success on the path to achieve your career goals.