A Comprehensive Strategy to Writing Your Resume

Comprehensive Strategy to Writing Your Resume NYC
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So, you decide to go on your job search. You are writing your resume. After performing your research, you find resume templates or resume examples online. You follow the resume format and are happy with how it turned out. Then you find positions you know you are perfect for; you have the experience and skills yet you are not getting calls for a job interview. Does that sound like you? You might be feeling a bit discouraged, definitely frustrated. That is understandable and quite common in this part of your career journey.  

Writing Your Resume

Resumes have been screened through applicant tracking systems for quite some time. This technology based approach makes it tricky to figure out what hiring managers are looking for. There is more competition and a lot more candidates applying for positions, a couple of hundred candidates or more. This candidate pool requires some form of AI for the initial screening process, it is algorithm based. Which means only a small percentage of resumes actually make it to the recruiters’ desks. The correct resume writing strategy based on this technology makes a huge difference. So, what does that mean? ATS software (Applicant Tracking System) looks for very specifics in terms of key content that is aligned with the qualifications of the position. So, if you are not using the right key words and key content then you may be overlooked for your dream job. 

Optimized for ATS 

Take the time to do your research. Look at positions you are applying for and ensure you are capturing the most important skills and responsibilities within your resume. The difficult part becomes capturing what’s most relevant resume content and eliminating the less relevant information. Generally, individuals are tempted to list all their duties. That is a major mistake. Your resume needs to be focused on the key content that is most relevant. Going through different job postings will give you a better understanding of the content that is most relevant. Furthermore, strategically placing that content is important as well.

If you are successful in creating a resume that lands on the recruiters’ desk, then you have about 10 seconds to make a great impression. That is the average amount of time, that a recruiter will spend scanning your resume. 

Professional Resume Writer 

If this feels overwhelming or you are not getting the results you want, hiring a professional resume writer is a worthy investment. When you are out of work, your inclination is not to spend money on a resume when you may not have income coming in. Look at it a little differently. If you make $80,000 a year, then each day out of work costs you about $220 or $1500 a week. So, if you are hesitant to invest in leaving writing your resume to a professional, do the math. It may surprise you. 

Format Is Relevant 

Format matters as well with ATS and with the recruiter or hiring managers 10 second glance. Certain formats are easier to read in ATS. Keep it simple is the best approach and actually makes it more comprehensive. Some of the choices you would make in writing an essay or report at work for example will not work when you are writing your resume. Give considerable thought to how to write a standout resume. If you not getting the results you want, seek out a professional resume writer, preferable one with experience in Human Resources or as a Recruiter. Then you can be confident that they are familiar with ATS. You are confident that if you just land the job interview you can show them you are the ideal candidate. Best of luck with your job search and your career journey.