The Best Career Advice: Four Tips That Work

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People want to feel good about what they do. Everyone’s role has a purpose. Working hard and seeing the fruits of your labor can be fulfilling. Here are four tips for the best career advice based on years of guiding thousands of individuals in their career journey and partnering with senior executives.

Setting Priorities

One organization that I worked for, our former boss came into our organization and saw that we were focused on too many things which wasn’t the best recipe for success. People were spread too thin, projects weren’t getting finished and it left some feeling disheartened. One of the things that shows great leadership is being able to create a clear vision and set priorities that the entire organization can rally behind and work towards. Sometimes we try to do too many things and fall short. Our expectations are unrealistic. Setting realistic goals and prioritizing appropriately, will help us feel a sense of accomplishment when we are able to perform well and meet our objectives.

Looking At What Your Colleagues Have to Offer

Everyone has a special skill, something they truly shine in. It is important to realize you don’t have all the answers. You can’t possibly be the best at everything. Tapping into those resources and talents is the best career advice I can give. Look at your colleagues and see what they are best at. This will help you know who to go to for advice or mentorship when you need it. What is equally important is that you reciprocate. When a colleague needs help, you offer your assistance. It is a great way to build alliances, achieve greatness and to learn from the experience of others.

Have A Plan

That question about where you see yourself five years from now is an important one. If you fumble answering it during a job interview, ask yourself why? Why haven’t you thought about where you want to be at the next stage in your career. Talk with people you admire, they may give you great advice and something to think about. It can help you form a plan and set milestones on how to progress.

Enjoy Your Work

Sure, there are some aspects of our roles that we can do without. We can all appreciate and understand that. The goal is to enjoy most aspects of your work and feel good about what you do every day. You hear people say do what you are passionate about. The caveat to that is it should be where your talents truly lie. You may love dancing or drawing but professionally, it may not be in the cards for you.

Being able to honestly evaluate your strengths and find the right fit is crucial to feeling fulfillment within your career. I know a leader who promoted someone into a position that was not a good fit for his talents. He did a disservice to this individual. He was great at what he did, loved his job but then got promoted into a role where he was unhappy and underperforming. Evaluate yourself, your strengths and build on them. It will help you shine and get noticed. You will also feel a sense of happiness that not everyone experiences in their careers.

Following the best career advice tips can help you plan, learn from others and navigate successfully throughout your career.