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The Best Career Advice: Four Tips That Work

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People want to feel good about what they do. Everyone’s role has a purpose. Working hard and seeing the fruits of your labor can be fulfilling. Here are four tips for the best career advice based on years of guiding thousands of individuals in their career journey and partnering with senior executives. Setting Priorities One organization that I worked for, our former boss came into our organization and saw that …

What Can I Do To Feel Happy At Work NYC

What Can I Do To Feel Happy At Work

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Most of us prefer not to search for a job. We want to be employed, perform challenging work and be treated fairly. Although there’s more to it, I hear that from most of my clients. With fairness comes at market compensation and a positive work environment where you are respected and appreciated for your contributions. Furthermore, your relationship with your manager is strong, (s)he is willing to provide challenging work …

Don't Make These Career Mistakes NYC

Don’t Make These Career Mistakes

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Our careers provide us with financial resources to pay our bills and do some of the things we enjoy. We put considerable time and effort to building our reputation as a reliable and knowledgeable employee. Having said that, a wrong move can tarnish all that. Here are some career mistakes to avoid. Did you ever feel completely fed up with your job and have a compelling urge to run out …