Why Artificial Intelligence Doesn’t Work for Resume Writing

Why Artificial Intelligence Doesn't Work for Resume Writing NYC
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Writing a resume certainly has its challenges. For most people it basically falls right up there with having your teeth pulled. It is a grueling experience to say the least. That is why it may be tempting to use artificial intelligence to write your resume. Here’s why AI can hurt your job opportunities and prospects.

Generic Resumes Do Not Work

For example, you ask ChatGPT to provide you with a Product Manager resume. It searches the web and pulls data from job descriptions that essentially provide you with a generic version of a resume that could make your resume look similar to a bunch of other candidates if they are using AI to create their resumes as well. You won’t be differentiating yourself as a viable job candidate. If recruiters or hiring managers see that your resume looks practically identical to other candidates, then they will know you are using artificial intelligence to create your resume. You will not be selected as a candidate which is ultimately your goal, a resume that gets you noticed. 

Highlighting Your Accomplishments

Artificial intelligence is not aware of your specific accomplishments which is vital to differentiate yourself as a job candidate. Therefore, you will lose the competitive advantage you have to market yourself. It will not show that you increase revenue by double digits or saved your organization a million dollars. Resumes should never mirror job descriptions. 

Your Credibility is Compromised 

Sending a resume that was identified as AI written greatly affects your credibility with recruiters and hiring managers. They now know this resume is not a true reflection of your work and see it as the equivalent of cheating in school. They may also interpret it as someone who may take shortcuts at work even if that is not the case in your instance. 

Resumes Tailored to your Audience

When applying for positions, you want to ensure your resume demonstrates a skill set aligned with the job postings. Therefore, it makes sense to tailor your resume accordingly and make changes | additions to your resume as needed. Tailoring your resume based on the posting will increase the likelihood of performing well in ATS which is what most companies use today to screen job candidates. An artificial intelligence generated resume is not tailored for those specific positions. 

The bottom line is basically that it is not in your best interest to take shortcuts when marketing yourself as a candidate. There are plenty of great uses for AI technology. However, when it comes to your resume, you want to tailor it to the job posting and your target audience. If writing a resume is truly like getting your teeth being pulled, then consider a professional resume writer. Perform your due diligence and ask thoughtful questions before you hire a resume writer to make sure they are qualified.

Prior to becoming a professional resume writer, I was head of Human Resources and recruitment for many years. I have an understanding of ATS and know what recruiters look for in candidates. So, my advice is to make sure your resume has that particular skill set. It is not simply about strong writing abilities. Some food for thought when going out in the job market. Our jobs are where we spend most of our waking hours so we want to make it a priority to market ourselves effectively. Happy job hunting!