Recruiters Share Secrets to an Optimized Resume

Recruiters Share Secrets to an Optimized Resume NYC
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With over fifteen years’ experience in Human Resources leadership including recruitment, before pivoting to a Professional Resume writer role, I have a keen understanding of what hiring managers and recruiters look for in job candidates. Those skills have served me well in optimizing resumes for my clients. The goal is to rank well in the ATS, the applicant tracking systems that most companies use today. The other equally essential part of the job candidate screening process is the Recruiters ten second glance, which is the average time a Recruiter has to spend reviewing a resume. Here some seasoned recruiters share their secrets to an optimized resume. 

Recruiters are receiving applications from more and more viable job search candidates given the advances in technology. Furthermore, applicants are applying faster than ever. That results in significant competition for desirable positions. 

The Secret is In the Job Postings 

In order to determine the most important job responsibilities and skills required, you want to look carefully at content from a number of job postings. Your focus should be the positions you are targeted to gain insight into what recruiters are seeking. That holds the secret to the content you should be focusing on in creating an optimized resume. Recruiters strongly recommend you adjust your resume based on the job description. Small tweaks can make a big difference. By including what’s relevant, this makes a recruiters’ job easier taking out the guess work from determining if you are a viable candidate. 

Competencies Important for Recruiters 

A leader in recruitment and leadership development, Vivian Williams voiced a theme that I hear from so many recruiters “The top three skills I look for in a candidate is adaptability, problem solving and collaboration skills.” That’s a very common requirement amongst recruiters across a variety of positions. Adaptability means you can adjust with the ever-changing global environment. It also means you are open to cross-functional opportunities that may arise. Problem solving allows you to work independently and proactively come up with potential solutions to challenges the company faces. Collaboration has become increasingly important as successful companies no longer operate in silos. Cross functional collaboration is vital to a company’s success. It promotes idea generation and cohesion. Think about tangible examples you can include in your professional resume that highlight these critical competencies as part of your job search strategy

Timing is Critical in Applying for Positions 

Ideally, you want to apply for positions when they first come out, preferably within the first few days. Submitting your resume 30 days or so after the job posts greatly increases the likelihood that your candidacy will never be considered. Sometimes recruiters will receive hundreds of applicants within the first ten days. After a certain point, they have enough of a viable candidate pool. 

Your job is where you spend a good portion of your waking hours. It is important to find a job that fills you with purpose and enables you to thrive. Happy job searching and best of luck in your next role. Keep in mind these helpful job search tips. If you are looking for a professional resume writer, we are here to support your career path progression.