A Winning Job Search Strategy

A Winning Job Search Strategy NYC
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 First and foremost, you need to have a clear vision of what you want for a job search strategy to be successful. Do you want to continue down the same career path or do a job search for something new? However, you always want to be flexible for opportunities that arise however a solid plan is essential to keep you focused. 

A Disciplined Approach to your Job Search 

Your job search needs your time and attention. Applying for a couple of jobs here and there is not a winning strategy. Your job is where you spend most of your waking hours of the day. Taking a disciplined approach is vital for a successful job search. Determine a time each day to dedicate to your search. Statistics show that the best times of day to apply for jobs is from 6am-10am on weekdays. Fridays are generally not a good day of the week to apply for job unless the job posting just came out. 

Furthermore, your best chance of success is to apply for job postings as soon as they come out. That means you should either set up daily alerts of positions you are interested in and or take a look daily. 

Targeted Resume

Your resume should be targeted based on the positions you are interested in. It should contain key content, key words and accomplishments in line with the essential functions of the job. If you are not targeting appropriately, you will not be identified in ATS, which is the resume screening a vast majority of the companies are using. Generic resumes no longer work. Listing all your job duties in the hopes that some of it will stick is not a winning strategy either. In addition, you want your content is be concise and most relevant to the positions you are applying for. If you are applying for a couple of very different positions, then you will need more than one version of your resume. The best investment you can make is to hire a professional resume writer to ensure your resume is targeted properly. 

Build your Network

You want to have a comprehensive job search strategy. In addition to applying for job postings, you want to tap into your network. Take a look at your contacts and see if any of them work for the companies you are interested in. Do they have a job opening peaks your interest or the right contacts. Networking is an important aspect of a strategic job search. Equally important, on LinkedIn you can take a look at second level contacts and see if there’s someone that you’d like your contacts to make introductions. You look at every opportunity and if you can make an important connection, you try your best to do so. 

The only winning job search strategy is a targeted one. It is critical to have a plan of action for your job search. The tips above will help you in finding the job that is right for you. Furthermore, if you are getting stuck on how to target your resume, a professional resume writer is a great option. Happy job searching!