A Winning Job Search Strategy NYC

A Winning Job Search Strategy

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 First and foremost, you need to have a clear vision of what you want for a job search strategy to be successful. Do you want to continue down the same career path or do a job search for something new? However, you always want to be flexible for opportunities that arise however a solid plan is essential to keep you focused.  A Disciplined Approach to your Job Search  Your job …

Prepared for Layoffs NYC

How To Prepare for Layoffs

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News about layoffs has become more and more prevalent in recent news. It seems that a major company is announcing major layoffs every week. Some large organizations plan to lay off up to ten percent or more of their workforce. It is alarming.  Certain sectors are hit harder than others. Technology jobs are seeing some dramatic layoffs from industry leaders. However, it is not only the tech giants. Layoffs are …

Staying Positive After A Layoff NYC

Staying Positive After A Layoff

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Losing a job is something most of us have to overcome at one point in our careers. People are laid off for a variety of reasons that are unrelated to performance. Jobs move overseas, companies go through mergers, companies are constantly looking for ways to cut costs and remain competitive. Although it can certainly affect one’s self confidence, there are reasons you may be impacted that are not a reflection …

Overcoming Uncertainty and Possible Layoffs NYC

Overcoming Uncertainty and Possible Layoffs

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Dealing with uncertainty can be overwhelming. Some people are working from home now balancing work and family with children home from school. Others have been temporarily or permanently laid off. Some are working at the front lines managing the supply chain, health care, within distribution, delivery, transportation, construction and many others. Anxiety levels can certainly run high if you are worried about your possible layoffs, an actual layoff, financials and …