Staying Positive After A Layoff

Staying Positive After A Layoff NYC
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Losing a job is something most of us have to overcome at one point in our careers. People are laid off for a variety of reasons that are unrelated to performance. Jobs move overseas, companies go through mergers, companies are constantly looking for ways to cut costs and remain competitive. Although it can certainly affect one’s self confidence, there are reasons you may be impacted that are not a reflection of your performance or your enormous value.

The important thing is to understand your worth and to be very committed to your job search. If you have worked for a company for many years and are confused about where to start, professional resumes writers and career coaches can help you navigate through the process. In light of the pandemic, there are certain industries that are performing well while others are struggling. Workers are feeling the stress and are fearful for their jobs now more than ever.

Review Your Finances

When you are let go from your job, it’s essential to take a look at your financial situation and see where you can make adjustments to your budget until you land a job. Creating a plan will help you in terms of focusing on the future and committing the necessary time to your job search. Writing down every purchase you make may feel tedious at first, however it serves as an eye opener for many. You may be able to defer certain payments which will give you a little breathing room. Try contacting your credit card company to see if they can lower your APR or have any special offers, but I suggest being vague about your reasons. Other companies may be willing to assist you as well. Factor in any severance you expect to receive as well as unemployment benefits if you are eligible and see where you stand.

Plan of Action

Evaluate your situation and regroup. Now is the time is take a look at your career. Are you happy doing what you’ve been doing? Do you want to look to pivot somewhere in which you can apply your current skills? Realistically can you afford to take some additional time for your search to find what you really want. Lean on your family and friends during this difficult time and bounce ideas off of them about what you’d like to do.

Do Something for Yourself: Staying Positive

Although you want to be laser focused on your job search, it can be a stressful time. Think about the types of activities that you enjoy and may be able to alleviate stress and help in terms of staying positive. Exercise is great for improving concentration and to boost your mood. Perform an exercise you like so it doesn’t feel like a chore. If you enjoy dancing or yoga, do that. If bike riding is more your speed do that. Keep in mind social distancing and wearing a mask is vital if you plan to be near others.

Perhaps you have been hearing about a must watch series on Netflix. It’s a good way to get your mind off some of your worries and get wrapped up in the lives of fictional characters. Do you have outdoor space? Some find gardening to be therapeutic. The ability to work hard in the backyard and see the fruits of your labor feels good. A friend of mine has written a book during the pandemic. While a very ambitious undertaking, perhaps you can start your own blog which might be fun. You can share your expertise or write about something of interest. Perhaps you have traveled to exotic places and want to write about that. Or maybe you’re creative and typically don’t have time to work on new projects until now.

While planning your search is critical, taking the time to decompress and do something for yourself will help lift your mood and be more productive. You want to be focused on staying positive during this time. Be mindful that you have a lot to offer your next employer.