Should I Quit My Job During the Coronavirus

Quit My Job During Coronavirus NYC
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An increasing percentage of working parents are considering leaving the workforce. Trying to manage childcare, schools closed, and other challenges are causing parents to feel conflicted about work, wondering do I have to quit my job. Parents are making decisions if one or both parents should return to work given the additional responsibilities within the home. However, it appears more women are facing this dilemma due to financial reasons. It appears that more women are also working at jobs that been disproportionately impacted by the coronavirus.

Impact on Wages for Women

Data shows that when women leave the workforce for a variety of reasons, upon reentering the workforce, wages are typically lower. Women still have to contend with receiving 80 cents on the dollar compared to their male counterparts. That gap increases when they leave the workforce for a period of time. Although both men and women are considering exiting the workforce temporarily, it does seem that women are thinking should I quit my job at a higher rate. It’s important women are aware of this factor when contemplating do I quit my job.

Impact for Men

Men are also considering leaving the workforce if their spouse either earns a higher wage, they are managing more responsibilities at home or their spouse has more stability with their jobs. Given the rise in the unemployment rate, when these individuals decide to return to the workforce, there will be more qualified applicants applying for the same positions. It could take considerably longer to find the right job than it would under normal circumstances.

Single Parents

For single parents, it becomes increasingly difficult. A colleague of mine has stopped receiving child support because her ex-husband is out of work. This places a financial strain on the household. In addition, there are added pressures for single parent households trying to determine the best childcare options during the pandemic and as more businesses are returning individuals to work.

Other Factors

For a variety of reasons one parent may have to take more of the childcare and schooling responsibilities at this time. There are a number of complications families are contending with. These additional complexities make it incredibly challenging when both parents are working or for single parents.

Should I Quit My Job

Individuals may want to consider speaking with their boss to see if they can continue to work from home at least part time so they can manage some of their challenges at home. Being armed with information is always important when you want to make a proposal to your boss. Reflecting on what responsibilities can be completed from home is a good start. Equally important, making sure you anticipate and can address the concerns of your boss during this discussion. Put yourself in your managers shoes and think about what questions or concerns (s)he may have. Then proactively develop a strategy to address it.

Obviously certain jobs are much more difficult if not impossible to do from home. Be realistic in your evaluation. If you decide that it is time to leave your job, do so on excellent terms. You want to leave the door open for the possibility of returning in the future. Weigh all your options and make the best decision you can, that’s all that one can do during difficult times.