Skills Companies Seek During the Coronavirus and Beyond

Skills Companies Seek Adapt to Change
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Everything is changing all around us, our work life, family and home life. The pandemic took us all by surprise and there was no way for us to plan for the new normal. Based on these new circumstances, companies are shifting their expectations and certain skills companies seek have become increasingly important. Companies look for employees to adapt to change and stay productive.

Can you Adapt to Change and Be Productive?

We had to adapt to change at a lightning speed. All of a sudden, the rug was pulled out from under everyone’s feet. Companies are expecting employees to adapt to the current situation and be productive working remotely. In some fields like sales, working from home is more common but for most, it’s a new experience. Are you staying connected with your team and cross functionally? Have you figured out ways to stay motivated and be highly productive?  It has become more important than ever to adapt to ever changing circumstances and develop new skills that will help you stand out whether it’s with your current job or future role.

Are You Demonstrating Leadership?

Now is a very difficult time and it can be a challenge to stay positive and demonstrate leadership for those around you. The ability to encourage and inspire those around you during times of uncertainty will set you apart. Meanwhile, people are craving that leadership as they deal with rapid change, heightened levels of anxiety and the desire to help the company succeed during the pandemic and beyond.

Are You Using Innovative Approaches to the New Circumstances?

Many companies are struggling and relying heavily on employees to share innovative approaches for how to succeed amid this pandemic and deliver services virtually. Companies are shifting and, in many instances, changing their entire business model. This affects how they market themselves, interact with customers and even offering different services all together. This requires a new approach to many aspects of the business. Those employees that identify and execute innovative approaches will be recognized for those important contributions. Given the uncertainly, it’s important to show have valuable and committed you are to the organization. It’s a vital skill that will serve you well now and in the future.

Are You Able to Work Autonomously?

Working remotely requires the ability to do more active problem solving on your own and with your team. You don’t have the same type of interaction you had in an office environment and will need to act accordingly. That doesn’t mean you stop communicating with your boss or colleagues. Maintaining those communications are necessary. Furthermore, it just means your ability to act independently will be more visible.

Companies are evaluating employees ability to adapt this new environment. Globalization, mergers and acquisitions certainly tested employees ability to adapt to change. This pandemic has taken that to a whole new level at an accelerated pace. There was no time to truly prepare. It all happened and you had to switch gears. In conclusion, thriving in these various skills companies seek to help you get noticed. Furthermore, you become more marketable for future roles.