How Do I Prepare for An Online Job Fair?

How Do I Prepare for an Online Job Fair NYC
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Online job fairs have become increasingly popular. It is an avenue to explore when searching for a job during the pandemic. A virtual job fair typically takes place within online chat rooms, webcasts and teleconferencing. It is for a designated period of time that allows you to explore company job opportunities. Prospective employers have the chance to seek candidates.

What is the Best Way to Do Research?

Similar to an onsite job fair, you select the companies that most interest you and research them. There’s a number of ways you can find out more about the organization. The most obvious is to look on their website however you should expand your research to recent news, financial reports, LinkedIn and a variety of resources to gather data. In addition, there are also sites where employees can rate the company. Although that information may be helpful as well, you want to take everything with a grain of salt and look at the full picture. The best strategy is to create two lists, one of your favorite companies participating in the job fair and then an option b with alternative companies so you can get the most out of the experience.

Why is my Elevator Pitch Important for an Online Job Fair?

The virtual job fair typically has a limited time frame in which everything is condensed. This makes nailing your elevator pitch essential. An elevator pitch is basically your 30 second commercial. You outline your experience, accomplishments and skills in a compelling and concise sound bite. What is most important when creating your pitch is relevance. Consequently, you want to make sure you are focusing on the information that is most relevant to the positions you are interested in. With a virtual job fair, you may not be aware of the essential functions of the job. This makes your pitch a littler trickier. Once you have identified the companies, you can always go online to see if they have job postings up and this will be a great source of information.

You should have a good idea of the types of roles you are targeting in order to create your resume. Even if you don’t find all the specifics that you are looking for, you base your pitch on what you are targeting. Be somewhat flexible depending on what you learn during the virtual job fair.

Career coaches and professional resume writers can assist you with your elevator pitch and preparation for short interviews during the online job fair. If you don’t feel confident in how you have done in the past or if you seek that competitive advantage, consider professional advice. Some offer mock interviews sessions where you schedule an appointment for one and then see if you need more.

Although they are not all the same, once you attend your first online job fair you will have a sense of what to  expect. It will assist you in better preparing for the next one. Exploring virtual job fairs will become increasing important in the job market.