Acts of Kindness During Difficult Times

Acts of Kindness During Difficult Times NYC
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We are all feeling the pressures of this unprecedented situation. When things are difficult, we all have our moments but that’s when acts of kindness truly matter. We do or say things that we normally wouldn’t. However, these are not normal circumstances, are they? I have spoken with friends and colleagues that have acted in ways they are not thrilled about, myself included. Coping is hard, things are changing all around us, we feel like we have little control over what is happening. During these difficult times, it’s critical that we practice kindness, help someone in need however we can.

Acts of Kindness

A former colleague of mine is absolutely the kindest person you’ll ever meet. Her and her husband are both in a vulnerable category and it’s best for them to stay home during this pandemic. One of their neighbors has been doing their grocery shopping to ensure they don’t take unnecessary risks. I live in different state from her so I was relieved to hear she can stay home and be safe. My friends and I let each other know when we find items in demand items i.e. masks, disinfectant wipes, gloves and the toilet paper that everyone loaded up on in the beginning. It’s a small gesture that lets your social circle know you want them to stay safe.

I have been truly fortunate to have wonderful, very gifted clients. Now more than ever, our health care professionals are performing a much needed service. I sent a note to each of them expressing my thanks. It was a very small gesture for people who do so much for our fellow Americans. During his briefing yesterday, Governor Cuomo read a letter from a farmer in Kansas who had 5 masks at home and mailed him one to give to a health care worker in New York. I was incredibly moved by his thoughtful letter and generosity.

If you are fortunate to receive at home grocery deliveries, be sure to thank your shopper and deliver professional while of course maintaining social distancing. They are helping keep us safe performing a very noble and much needed service.

Sharing Your Special Gift

Everyone has special talents and abilities. What is your special skill? How can you help someone in need? If you are a yoga instructor for instance, remotely sharing different techniques to reduce their stress level is invaluable. Think about your special gift and how you can share it during this uncertain time. On my cousin’s block, someone used signs driving around the neighborhood to arrange for all the neighbors to step outside at the same time and sing a classic song while maintaining social distancing. It was a nice gesture that reinforced a sense of community in the midst of this crisis. Very cool thing to do. My husband starting sharing jokes on his business social media platforms plus he gave away free stress management downloads. I am an avid reader, books of any subject really. I have been sharing my book list with friends and helping with career advice for those who have lost their jobs. Books can be a great escape and teach us some valuable life lessons.

We all have so much to share and can make someone’s day with a kind gesture. It doesn’t typically take much effort and is incredibly rewarding. It’s also an opportunity to stay connected and provide emotional support which is vital in overcoming the many challenges we face today. Please send us a message on our Contact Us page to share experiences of kindness and generosity. We would love to hear from you and plan to share those acts of kindness if you give us permission.