4 Job Search Tips During Coronavirus

Stay Connected for Your Job Search
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During times of uncertainty, it’s essential to be prepared for changes in your employment even if you are working. Taking proactive steps to stay connected that can help you land a job much faster, more importantly land a job you love.

Stay Connected

Right now, individuals are focused on our own personal challenges and trying to figure out how to best deal with the chaos of this pandemic. All our lives have changed in an instant. Now is the time to stay connected and seek out your network. The reason is twofold. You want to be considered for future opportunities while checking in and see how your professional colleagues are doing. It’s important to be sensitive to what they may be facing as well. Build your network by reaching out to individuals that may be in a position to help you but that you lost touch with. Expanding your network now can set you up for the near or distant future.

Researching Thriving Industries

Unfortunately, certain industries are taking a devastating hit and are truly struggling right now. However, there are other sectors that are thriving. You should do your research to determine what those industries are and dig a little deeper to find out when you can fit in. You may be surprised at how many companies are hiring right now. If you don’t have some of the skills, acquire them. There is a lot of training available. Small businesses are offering free or low cost webinars on a variety of critical topics with the hopes of building their brand and securing new business. Be proactive, see what’s available and make the most of the time you have to increase your skill set.


If you are looking for opportunities be open to different possibilities. It may require you to learn something new, possibly contract work. It really depends on your circumstances and what’s right for you. The point is to consider freelance or contract work. You want to think it through and weigh the pros and cons. If you are currently receiving unemployment benefits, make sure you have an understanding of the impact. The point is to explore and be open.

Seek Informational Meetings

It is becoming more common for companies to offer informational meetings even if they don’t have opportunities available at this time. It’s a proactive way to recruit which allows you a chance to seek out different organizations and see which ones may be a good fit based on your goals and values. Target certain companies that you have an interest in and look for hiring managers or human resources professionals that are willing to take a phone meeting with you. Consequently, treat this opportunity like an interview, be prepared with your 30 second elevator pitch, what you bring to the table, what you are seeking and a handful of questions for your exploratory discussion. As a result, try to take as many opportunities for these discussions as possible. You never know what it may bring.

Furthermore, make sure you have a solid resume, your LinkedIn profile is powerful and you nail your elevator pitch. Consider finding the best resume writer if you are not confident in how you are presenting yourself. Take proactive steps to stay connected and plan for your future. Therefore, don’t sit back and let things just happen. Take charge of your career.