Tips to Nail Your Skype Job Interview

Tips to Nail Your Skype Job Interview Questions NYC
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Yes, companies are hiring although it may not feel that way based on our own personal circumstances and the number of layoffs we are hearing about in the media. Preparing for job interview questions within a Skype format is essential. Based on shifts in demand, companies within certain sectors are hiring at rapid rates. Perhaps considering a change in the types of jobs you search for may be worth considering at this time. Skype is one of the preferred modes of choice for conducting interviews at this time. It’s important that you not only prepare for job interview questions, you must acclimate yourself to a Skype interview and pay attention to all the particulars so that you shine.

Start With the Basics of Your Job Search

Get a jump start on your job search, don’t wait until your unemployment runs out. That is never a good idea. You want to begin your search from a position of strength. If you start you job search right before your unemployment runs out, depending on your financial situation, you may feel pressured to take whatever job comes along. Having said that, here are some tips to prepare for your Skype job interview questions.

Nailing Job Interview Questions

Preparation is key to nailing any interview whether in person or via Skype. There’s a lot that needs to be done. Put yourself in the hiring manager’s shoes. What is the ideal candidate from their perspective? You should focus your answers based on what they identified as the critical job skills necessary to perform well. Map out your game plan and follow it. Interview responses should be relevant and concise. You secured a job interview because on paper, you meet most of the qualifications. They have seen your resume so it’s more than simply repeating what’s on your resume. You want to show how you are uniquely qualified. What are your major accomplishments and how do they relate to the job you are applying for? It’s not up to the hiring manager to try to interpret why you are a great fit. You must show them you are uniquely qualified and plan to make contributions right away.

Do Your Research

Why do you want to work for this company? What makes them special? Why will you be an ideal fit? Who are the interviewers? Do your research to make sure you can answer these questions. Make sure you have thoughtful questions of your own to demonstrate you did your homework and are excited about the opportunity to work for them.

Prepare Your Space

Determine where you plan to take the Skype interview and prepare the space. Make sure you complete a full scan to see what the interviewer is viewing when conducting the Skype interview. Skype with a friend prior to your Skype interview. Ask them to take a look around and tell you what they see in the background. Make some changes while they are on Skype to ensure everything looks professional and neutral. Let everyone know you will be on an important video call and must not be interrupted.

Expert Job Interview Preparation

Practicing for an interview is critical. One option is partnering with a family member or colleague to practices your answers and your elevator pitch which is the tell me about yourself question that most people struggle with. Pick someone that is preferably a hiring manager in your field and will give you constructive feedback. If you have been on interviews and were unhappy with the results, then you may want to consider working with a Career Coach or Resume Writer that is an expert in job interview preparation. They can help you prepare for frequently asked job interview questions, nail your elevator pitch, keep your responses focused, and explore accomplishments that you should highlight. They can provide recommendations on Skype and in person interview regarding body language and engagement, help you work out some of the kinks among other important elements. It’s relatively affordable and you may only need one session to increase your confidence and skills regarding the process.

Staying Engaged

During the Skype interview, it’s critical to stay engaged. It may be different than what you are used to. Be aware of making eye contact which means looking into the camera rather than looking at yourself in the picture. Body language is so important during in person interviews. It’s trickier to convey your enthusiasm for a position through Skype. It may be a bit awkward until you get the hang of it. Tone becomes even more important on Skype in conveying enthusiasm when responding to job interview questions. Don’t forget to smile a warm and genuine smile.

Test Technology

Ensure all your equipment is working the morning of and that you are logged into Skype. Don’t take it for granted if it worked yesterday. Test it well in advance that day so you can work out any possible technology issues. Also test it 30 minutes before just to make sure.

Your Notes

One of the benefits of a Skype interview is your ability to keep your notes and resume on hand with job interview questions and answers. That should not be a replacement for careful preparation. You want to use your notes as a reference but not read from it verbatim. You need to present yourself in a genuine way. Reading notes will detract from that. Although it’s not common, some hiring managers want to go through a majority of your resume and take notes position by position. It’s not the norm but my clients have experienced it from time to time. Therefore, know what’s on your resume.


Paying careful attention to your appearance is always important. Even if the company culture is a bit more casual, you should still dress your best. Once you get the job, you can dress more in line with the office staff. For an in person interview, it’s typical for men and women to wear a suit. For a Skype interview, you have the additional element of how you look on camera to consider. Even though you should typically dress conservatively for either situation, for the camera, you want to make sure what you wear does not wash you out. For men, it usually makes sense to wear navy or grey however your tie can pop a little so it appears better on camera. Take a look at what news anchors wear from a color perspective. Women can wear conservative navy or grey suits as well but add a little color to your blouse.

You have to use everything in your tool belt during a Skype job interview. It takes more effort to show you are interested and engaged. There’s more thought involved in preparing your space, testing your equipment, practicing how you appear on camera, among other things. Skype job interviews are the new normal for now and have been a popular option for quite some time especially for multi-site companies, global organizations that are based outside of the US and as a cost saving measure so that candidates are not flown in as often. Be prepared to nail your next Skype job interview.