Tips to Nail Your Skype Job Interview Questions NYC

Tips to Nail Your Skype Job Interview

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Yes, companies are hiring although it may not feel that way based on our own personal circumstances and the number of layoffs we are hearing about in the media. Preparing for job interview questions within a Skype format is essential. Based on shifts in demand, companies within certain sectors are hiring at rapid rates. Perhaps considering a change in the types of jobs you search for may be worth considering …

When Should I Consider Updating New Skills

When Should I Update My LinkedIn Profile

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Promoting yourself on LinkedIn is a critical part of your professional development and being in control of your career. Recruiters are constantly looking for talented individuals on LinkedIn and value those that continue to develop new skills. Whether you are actively looking or not, it will help you build your network and be visible to those with future opportunities. I have worked with a lot of clients that had the …