When Should I Update My LinkedIn Profile

When Should I Consider Updating New Skills
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Promoting yourself on LinkedIn is a critical part of your professional development and being in control of your career. Recruiters are constantly looking for talented individuals on LinkedIn and value those that continue to develop new skills. Whether you are actively looking or not, it will help you build your network and be visible to those with future opportunities. I have worked with a lot of clients that had the rug pulled from under them unexpectedly. These professionals were doing well in their jobs, developed new skills, were commended for their performance and then the other shoe dropped. Other clients were happy and feeling challenged, but things began to change. There are a number of things that can make people unhappy with their work situation. For example, here are a few reasons to update your LinkedIn profile.

Reflecting on Accomplishments

We are running a hundred miles an hour at work to do well and be productive. We typically don’t take the time to reflect on our work. Reflecting on what you have accomplished, new skills acquired, and lessons learned is an important part of the process. You should feel proud and celebrate your achievements. It will help you feel more satisfied at work. Furthermore, it will allow you to identify some valuable lessons you learned and continue to perform better each time.

Developing New Skills

If you have worked on a new project you are particularly proud, you recently took some worthwhile training, perhaps it’s time to update your LinkedIn profile. If you have been going to school, while working and have a new degree, show it off on LinkedIn. The more current and marketable your new skills, the better.

Prepare for the Unknown

We never know what the future brings. Companies are constantly evolving. They are always looking for ways to cut costs and be more efficient. Typically, they must answer to shareholders or partners and there’s a tremendous amount of pressure to stay competitive. Companies consolidate, they move operations to another state or country, or are acquired by another organization. Consequently, if you are affected, you want to be prepared so you have the tools to begin your job search.

Stumbling on a Great Opportunity

On LinkedIn, I often hear from recruiters, hiring managers and former managers about potential opportunities. Having a professional profile is critical to attracting the attention of key decision makers. Even if you are not actively looking, a perfect opportunity may just come along and you want to catch a hiring manager’s attention.

If you just don’t have the time to update your LinkedIn profile or don’t know how to create a compelling profile, hire a professional. Resume writers typically also create LinkedIn profiles. There’s no need to agonize over. You don’t need to spend endless hours trying to figure out the best approach. Find a resume writer with solid reviews and credentials that instill confidence and give them a call. Ask questions about their background and experience. Furthermore, see if they are familiar with your line of work and understand the job market well.