Your Resolution to Get Organized At Work

Your Resolution to Get Organized At Work NYC
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Similar to how you take pride in your appearance at work, your workspace is an extension of how you present yourself. I had a colleague that worked for a company that focused very much on organization. It wasn’t even acceptable to have a pen on the desk if it was not being used. Everything had its place. This company was highly productive. It may not work for everyone. Believe me, I would struggle to meet their expectations. The logic had to do with exercising a strong sense of discipline in how you conduct yourself. Organization helps to increase your productivity.

Perhaps it’s time to get organized at work and eliminate the chaos. There are a number of benefits to it from a career standpoint. Demonstrating to your manager that you are capable and can stay on top of things is key.

Increasing Productivity

A considerable amount of time can be spent looking for things if you are a piler. There are organizational products that help you pile neatly if it’s a difficult habit to break. In addition, keeping everything in its place can provide tremendous value in becoming more efficient. You want your manager to know you are on top of your game. Consequently, not being able to locate a critical file or unable to provide an answer can make you appear unprofessional.

Safeguarding Sensitive Information

It’s critical to get organized at work if you work in human resources, legal, finance or another area with access to highly sensitive information. In HR for instance, if there’s a perception you are not protecting an employee’s personal information, that can become a real issue.

Clutter can Affect Focus

If you look at your workspace and all you see is clutter, it can be a bit overwhelming. You may not know where to begin. You may not have anywhere to work. If you are constantly trying to find what you need, you can lose focus on a project and not know where you left off. It stifles your momentum, creativity and can ultimately affect the quality of your work.

Staying on Track

If disorganized, how can you prioritize? Staying organized doesn’t necessarily mean everything has to be perfect or a certain way. You can develop your own system of organization. What works best for you? If you are working on multiple projects simultaneously, then perhaps piling organizational products are just the thing for you. Keeping one junk drawer is fine. Designating a place for projects that are completed so that you don’t have to think about it anymore can help you officially close it out in your mind and focus on what is current.

Dedicate some time to organization every day. Furthermore, leaders value organization and will take notice. Similar to how you purge through unnecessary belongings to donate or give to a family member, designate some time every year to do the same at work. Besides, it’s a great way to cleanse and start fresh. What better time to choose than the beginning of the year?