Landing Job Promotion NYC

Landing That Internal Job Promotion

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Some individuals underestimate the need to prepare for an internal job promotion opportunity. If one performed well and has made valuable contributions, one might think that their work speaks for itself. This thought process may detour you from preparing for an internal job interview. You may underestimate the internal and external talent that you are competing with for the position. After all you may know who is applying for the …

3 Critical Skills to Be Successful Today NYC

3 Critical Skills to Be Successful Today

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Different skills are required depending on the nature of your job. However, some skills are universal in today’s job market. You should identify opportunities to continue to enhance these critical skills. You can take on projects at work, consider attending workshops, practice utilizing these skills. In addition, continuing to focus on professional development and staying relevant in today’s competitive landscape will give you an edge. Innovative Thinking Companies are constantly …

Your Resolution to Get Organized At Work NYC

Your Resolution to Get Organized At Work

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Similar to how you take pride in your appearance at work, your workspace is an extension of how you present yourself. I had a colleague that worked for a company that focused very much on organization. It wasn’t even acceptable to have a pen on the desk if it was not being used. Everything had its place. This company was highly productive. It may not work for everyone. Believe me, …