Landing That Internal Job Promotion

Landing Job Promotion NYC
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Some individuals underestimate the need to prepare for an internal job promotion opportunity. If one performed well and has made valuable contributions, one might think that their work speaks for itself. This thought process may detour you from preparing for an internal job interview. You may underestimate the internal and external talent that you are competing with for the position. After all you may know who is applying for the position internally, however you do not have a sense of the external competition.

Preparing for the Internal Job Promotion Interview

Typically, the same level of preparation is required when applying for an internal or external job opportunity. Think about how your accomplishments and skill set make you a viable candidate. Consider why you are interested in this opportunity and be able to articulate this. Be ready to quickly summarize your work experience as it relates to this role and what makes you the best candidate. Furthermore, identify your plan if you were offered this role. Between the internal and external candidates, the competition could be strong.  It may be beneficial to seek the professional expertise of a career coach to go through a mock job interview before the big day.

Managing Your Coworkers

Managing your coworkers can come with its own set of challenges. The dynamic of the relationship needs to shift. It’s important that you determine if  you will be able to direct and lead your colleagues at work. Keep in mind, you may have to give them constructive feedback and might even have to discipline them for performance issues. Are you committed to all the responsibilities that come with managing individuals you may have had personal relationships with? Some of them may have applied for this role as well and did not get the job promotion. There’s a level of awkwardness that you may have to address. Think about how you plan to lead and be able to articulate that during the interview process. These are all potential challenges that you may face if offered this new opportunity.

Salary Negotiations

Salary negotiations may be different because with internal opportunities, they are already aware of your current compensation level. This may result in receiving a salary increase offer that is below market. One wants to be fully prepared for that discussion. You don’t want to take it for granted that because of your previous relationship and that they have seen you are an exceptional performer, that it will be reflected in the compensation you are offered in this new role. Do your homework researching market pay in order to determine what is a fair compensation level. We all want to make more money. You want to be realistic in terms of your expectations and able to back up your request.

Seeking internal job opportunities can be exciting. You want to learn and grow along with finding new ways to contribute. Some companies promote from within more frequently than others. When you are in a position to apply for an internal job promotion, put your best foot forward. Preparation is key to landing that job whether it’s internally or externally.