Job Interview Tips for Finding a Fulfilling Job

Tips for Finding A Fulfilling Job
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Job interviews can be very stressful with the important goal of finding a fulfilling job. Job candidates typically focus on what they can do to impress the interviewers. However, the interview process is a two way street. It’s an opportunity for the interviewer to determine if you are a viable candidate. Keep in mind, it is also a chance for you to see if this is the right opportunity for you. Here are some tips for things to keep in mind during the job interview process.

Finding A Fulfilling Job

If you go for an in person interview, observing is a critical part of the process. Looking around at the people that work at the company and their interactions together will give you some key insights. It will give you a sense of those working relationships, whether it’s a positive team dynamic or if you feel some conflict. You can see if people are working together or primarily operating in their own silos. Although it will not give you a full picture, it may give you a valuable glimpse into what it’s like to work there. In addition, it could prompt some questions for you to ask during the interview.

Early on in my career, I interviewed for a position where I immediately felt tension when I walked through the offices. Many of the employees appeared unhappy and there was very little interaction amongst the employees. I did ask some questions during the interview In which the interviewer confirmed morale was low and the company had gone through some recent difficulties. It factored into my decision making about pursuing this role.

Asking Thoughtful Interview Questions

Always be prepared with questions that reflect what’s important to you in terms of your job, work environment and your values. In addition, you should ask questions that demonstrate you researched the company. You want to have as much information as possible to help in your decision making. This is your career and where you will spend a majority of your time. We all want to have a fulfilling job and be happy in the workplace. We want to be in a positive working environment that supports our growth and learning opportunities.

Impressions About the People You Meet

What did you think about the people you met throughout the process? Are they people you will enjoy working with and feel you will learn something from? These are factors that play into your decision making about the next steps in your career.

The Hiring Process

Throughout the process, are the next steps clear, do the decision makers do what they say they will? Are you kept well informed? What are your impressions about the communications from when you apply for the job to when you are scheduled for the interview and what you hear throughout the process? This also provides you with information about how they make decisions and value communicating. It’s a peek behind the curtain.

After putting so much effort into your job search, it is exciting to get that call for a job interview. It is certainly necessary to be enthusiastic. You should also be aware a variety of factors when determining if this is the right opportunity for you to pursue. Your goal is to find a fulfilling job, have an impact and be appreciated.