5 Career New Year’s Resolutions

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It’s that time of year again. Where you take stock of how things went during the year and set goals for the New Year, how about focusing on your career ambitions. New Year’s resolutions can be difficult to achieve. We are all excited in the beginning of the year. We may overcommit placing a lot of pressure on meeting some very hard goals. It is common to set weight loss goals or a goal to stop some unhealthy habits. How about career goals? Your work is how you support yourself, where you spend most of your waking hours and make valuable contributions. So, let us think about some practical career new year’s resolution goals.

Career Ambitions

Perhaps a commitment to learning and growing is a great start for the new year. Is there a new skill that you have always wanted to learn? Think about what is necessary to grow in your current position or to become a viable candidate for a different opportunity. Maybe you have also considered a new skill that is of interest to you but unrelated to your career. Taking on a new hobby may be a great way to reduce stress so that you become more productive in the workplace. Some people have always wanted to learn a new language. Others may want to commit to exercise as a way to reduce stress. Regardless of whether it is a physical activity or a work related skill, it is always worthwhile to take on a new interest.


We all have a friend, family member or colleague that knows all these interesting facts about a broad range of topics. No matter what the subject, this individual always has something to contribute to the conversation. Consider reading about a variety of different topics that will help you gain a different perspective, learn more about a topic you have always been interested in or simply for the pure pleasure of reading. Books can be a great escape where you get lost in the story of different characters and their unique experiences. It is a healthy way to unwind and relax.

Networking in line with Career Ambitions

Networking has become increasingly important as we challenge ourselves for new ways to stay connected. Some individuals are working from home and miss the office camaraderie and brainstorming together. Making the effort to stay connected and expand your network can be rewarding.

Seek Feedback

The key to learning and growing is seeking feedback from your manager, trusted colleagues and individuals you can count on for open and honest feedback. Although we have a certain level of self-awareness, you gain new insight when hearing someone else’s perspective on how you are performing. Some people are more comfortable than others in terms of giving constructive feedback and recommendations. Look for a possible mentor or someone you admire that is well accomplished in their path with similar career ambitions.

Giving Back

The year 2020 has been a difficult one for so many. A way to heal and move forward is by giving to others. There is no greater contribution than helping those in need. There are many ways to give back while staying safe especially while we are still in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. I recently heard about someone on the news that repaired about 600 bikes for fellow neighbors, friends and strangers. He loves bikes and is mechanically inclined and this was his way of giving back and doing something he enjoyed. It was a truly inspiring and uplifting act of kindness.

There was a photographer who was taking pictures of families at no charge during the pandemic. It was helping families capture precious moments at a time when life was unpredictable. These selfless acts can be incredibly rewarding for those receiving them and for those giving. A relative of mine was at the supermarket yesterday and the credit card machine went down right as she was about to pay. She did not have any cash on her. This young gentleman from South Korea in his twenties came forward and insisted on paying for her groceries. What an incredibly generous thing to do.

If you are considering making a career New Year’s resolution, there are a number of different options related to your career ambitions. Think about what is best for you and set realistic and achievable goals.