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A Fresh Start For the New Year

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We generally do a fair amount of reflection as the New Year approaches which may include career reflection. We think about New Year’s resolutions, sometimes develop a different perspective on our lives. Sometimes part of that reflecting is about our career choices. Looking at where we are in achieving our career goals and determining if this is still the right role for us now is a healthy part of our …

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5 Career New Year’s Resolutions

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It’s that time of year again. Where you take stock of how things went during the year and set goals for the New Year, how about focusing on your career ambitions. New Year’s resolutions can be difficult to achieve. We are all excited in the beginning of the year. We may overcommit placing a lot of pressure on meeting some very hard goals. It is common to set weight loss …

New Year's Resolution Career Goals NYC

New Year’s Resolution Career Goals

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It’s natural to reflect on your career this time of year and set a resolution for the next year. Your year end results may be coming in shortly. If you are fortunate to receive a bonus, this is the time it is typically paid out. These tangible results provide you with objective measures to use when evaluating how you did. You may have some goals that you feel you haven’t …

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Tips for Writing A Strong Career Summary

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A resume career summary is a critical part of your resume. Some may say it’s the most important section.  It very well can be the only part of your resume that the hiring manager reviews. If you don’t have a strong career summary to grab their attention, they likely won’t go any further. It gives the reader a flavor for who you are as a candidate. Similar to how you …